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Philip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer - will it suit my hair and is it ever on offer??

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EmGee Wed 22-Jun-16 09:59:34

On the back of another thread re frizzy hair, I've just looked at this. I have short (but very dry, wavy, extremely thick) dark brown hair that I colour from every few months to hide the greys with L'Oreal l Casting Creme.
Would this work on my hair do you think?

And where is the best place to buy it from? At 30 pounds (on his website) it's not cheap....

burnishedsilver Wed 22-Jun-16 10:05:43

I've seen it on offer from time to time in M&S.

LordEmsworth Wed 22-Jun-16 10:07:35

I really like it, though I know people who have used it and found it a bit meh.

M&S sell it so if you can wait till they're on a 20% off offer, you could save that way. Some of the websites like Lookfantastic also do offers if you can find a code.

bigfatfeet Wed 22-Jun-16 10:07:44

It's always on QVC and if you get it from there you can use it for 30 days and send it back if it doesn't agree with your hair. My hair is thick and wavy but long and it works very well for me, but I tend to leave it on overnight rather than for 20 minutes or whatever it says on the instructions.

Scarydinosaurs Wed 22-Jun-16 10:18:00

I used to use this, and then switched to Moogoo protein shot. I much prefer the Moogoo one, but my hair is greasy at the roots and dry at the ends.

Liiinoo Wed 22-Jun-16 11:21:59

QVC do a giant one (mine has lasted over a year) that costs a lot upfront but is much cheaper per 100ml than buying elsewhere. Try that and send it back for a refund if it doesn't suit you but judging from your description of your hair I am sure it will be great.

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