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BettyCrystal Tue 21-Jun-16 11:21:47

Doing my wardrobe. It has to happen... The Kondo way!

I'm 40 now. So far mini skirts, floral shorts, blingy stuff, high high heels & hot pink frilly things (and thongs) are going.

What else am I not allowed to wear anymore? And what should I keep?

I have good stuff, no tat really. Just seriously need to edit / shop my own wardrobe (get rid of all Noughties gear...)

Anyone else done it successfully?

storybrooke Tue 21-Jun-16 13:36:33

I've managed to do it, was amazed at what went. Kept barely anything really so now adding what I love and know I'll really wear, I'd recommend looking at Pinterest and pinning the looks you love, know you'd wear and are easily paired with other items you have/will add.

On the back of kondo I've started project 333 although my autumn/winter will be more like 40-45 items grouped together. My mind is blown at capsule wardrobes/333!

Can't really comment on what you should discard, other than keep what makes you feel good and put together. Good luck! wine

BettyCrystal Tue 21-Jun-16 14:23:35

Thanks, story! Yes, I like the idea of pinning looks that I'd like. Felt a lot more put together, recently, when wearing simple trouser & blazer combos. My usual look is Oxfam chic / vintage. I'm over it...

What did you do with your stuff? I've always donated to charity, as I like to find good stuff second hand myself. But, thinking of selling online this time... Or just go the full Kondo & get rid?

TellMeDani Tue 21-Jun-16 16:19:21

Just get rid, stuff hangs about waiting to be sold and then you get tempted to keep it after all (unless you have some really designer stuff that will fetch £££'s).

Don't go too harsh though, you're only 40, still keep the stuff you love even if it falls into the the list of things that you 'shouldn't be wearing', if it's dated then fine, but some of the stuff on your list is do-able no matter what age you are.

I just loaded up the car and drove to the nearest charity shop with parking right outside!

I think it only works if you apply the kondo method when buying new stuff, which I now do, so no more crappy pieces because they are a bargain in the sale or are sort of ok. This does mean that I have fewer clothes but I do enjoy wearing them all and slowly I'm building up a new wardrobe from pretty much nothing as my wardrobe was full of low rise stuff from the noughtys and post natal baggy stuff.

P1nkP0ppy Tue 21-Jun-16 17:37:18

Ei kondo'd recently after finishing work and realising I no longer needed umpteen 'professional' outfits/clothes; 8 big black bags went to the charity shop (including bags, shoes and unopened packets of tights!). I also binned most of my slobbiest clothes/fleeces/joggers.
I then spent ages on Pinterest looking at how I could put my remaining clothes together to look sort of smart casual and I'm really enjoying wearing what's left.
I'm trying not to buy any new clothes and failing! and I'm thinking more about what to wear rather than just chucking on any old thing (work clothes were easy).
My next stop is to update my makeup.... 😊

BettyCrystal Tue 21-Jun-16 18:50:17

Yes, I've cleared out my wardrobe many times over the years, but this time I want it all gone (well, not all of it...). Think I'll just get everything out of the house quickly. Ruthless!

Agree about shopping too. I'm a big bargain hunter / charity shop finds / TK Maxx person. Now I think it would be better to just buy the one item I really want / need.

Started doing that with make-up. I'll buy a Chanel lipstick. But I still have my other stuff, so sometimes I'll be like "oh, I don't want to use up my Chanel" & just bung on my cheaper ones. Finally going to bin everything, except the Spark Joy (Chanel).

Trinny & Susannah (remember them?) once said that you should never keep anything for "good" wear, as you'll never wear it. Although I've always had, and worn, nice clothes, I've done that with some... Now I've learned that there's no point leaving special outfits languishing in my wardrobe.

storybrooke Wed 22-Jun-16 08:17:56

I agree, just get it out! I sold a few pieces I was having a hard time discarding on eBay and made £150 so that sorted all my basics for layering but the rest were straight to the donation box.

I started using my 'for best' things and that kicked started a whole new skincare routine that I'm tweeking as I go, signed up to birchbox and whilst it's pants for make up its been great finding products that work for my skin.

Kondo is bleedin' amazing! grin

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