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How to get my new 'lob' to look like...

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Youvegottobekidding Mon 20-Jun-16 10:31:12

So, I've recently had my longish hair chopped off to a 'lob'. I have quite thick hair. It's a bit dry too because I've coloured it a lot!

After washing & conditioning it, I usually rub in a bit of Boots style works heat protection serum, then blow dry. Since having it cut, I'm finding I need to run the straighteners through, otherwise it looks a bit frizzy, where as before I could get away with leaving it! Anyway how do I get my hair to look like this? I quite like the slightly wavy look. I would say my hair isn't naturally perfectly straight, but if I was to let it dry naturally it looks like a cross between worzel gummage & James May.

justabigmess Mon 20-Jun-16 10:37:06

Watching as this is how i want my hair next time i go!

Buttwing Mon 20-Jun-16 13:10:52

My hair is like that but a bit longer. I wash and blow dry then using big barrel tongs I tong sections of my hair not for too long. I divided my hair and start from the back and wrap the hair round the barrel, I alternate which way I wrap the hair so 1 piece clock wise, the next piece anti clockwise this stops it looking too done. I would post a picture but I got caught in the rain this morning taking the kids to school!

Buttwing Mon 20-Jun-16 13:11:37

Sorry meant to add leave it to cool then pull it out with your fingers and put some serum through it.

retainertrainer Mon 20-Jun-16 14:04:50

Hair straighteners will create that relaxed wave. Have a look on YouTube,very very simple to achieve.

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