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Can i fix my face and body in time

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user1456925105 Mon 20-Jun-16 08:04:20

(Also problem with namechance box so i'm stuck with user#### shite sorry everybody).

Anyway I'm getting married in just over 3 weeks but over the last 4/5 weeks I've had 2 severe kidney infections, my monthlies and some migrain attacks.
These have led to me losing my appetite and then binge eating everything around me once it returned; which has in turn led me to putting on a bit of weight. It's not a lot but enough to make my dress a bit tighter across my lower abdomen than i'm comfortable with.

I also became very lax in my skincare routine. Over the last few months i've made changes to it (usually just wash and moisturise but have been cleansing/toning and all that other stuff too) in order to have it looking and feeling like i don't have dry clumpy make up on on the wedding day.
I have very bad dry skin periodically and tend not to wear make up often unless it's an occassion.

My skin is now horrendously dry and peeling (some of that is down to the sun).
I've just been so tired with the way my body has been the last few weeks on top of stupid o'clock starts in the morning and then full on days that I haven't been sticking to my skincare routine again.

I know 1st world problems but I don't normally do dresses hairmake up etc and I just want to look nice on my wedding day.
So aibu to think I can fix my face and lose 5-10lbs in the next 3 weeks?


MadSprocker Mon 20-Jun-16 09:04:27

Use a serum, drink loads of water and moisturise and SPF! Can you go for an emergency facial? A rehydrating one would work well. It is also early enough, that any breakouts should occur and go before the big day.
I have never done it, but people recommend low carb to get rid of bloating.

OuchLegoHurts Mon 20-Jun-16 09:46:03

For your face, I would use a gentle exfoliating scrub (I use Simple one) to get rid of your dead skin and then a really good intensive moisturiser that isn't greasy. I swear by La Roche Posay nutritic intense riche, it's amazing for very dry skin.
For your body I would start every day with a pink grapefruit and a coffee, then a salad for lunch and a sauce free dinner, like grilled chicken breast, salad and boiled potatoes or noodles etc. A brisk 35/ 40'min walk every day and you'll lose so much weight, I promise. Grit your teeth against the hunger, or have a couple of flavoured rice cakes as a snack in the evening before bed. I can lose 5lb a week doing that. Not sustainable long term but def for a few weeks!

harverina Mon 20-Jun-16 09:57:49

Yes you absolutely can.

Follow a calorie controlled diet - something like my fitness pal and start exercising. You need to do a mix of cardio and resistance to lose fat. The 30 day shred is a good starting point if you aren't in a gym and want to do it from home. If you stick to the plan and exercise most days then you will lose 7lbs easily in that time. Also do some exercises that are focuses purely on your core. Planks, sit ups etc. Avoid sugary and salty foods too - salty foods will make you retain water and sugar will add to your tummy issues.

I'm not great on skin care so can't really advise on that!

user1456925105 Mon 20-Jun-16 14:29:58

Thanks a million everyone. I know it's the last thing i should be panicking about so close to the wedding (and probably a bit vain too) but i had gotten into such a good routine before I started getting sick and I'm gutted that I have put on what i originally lost and more.

I can't do much (if any) abs exercises as my stomach is destroyed from 2 massive surgeries a couple of years ago and it's just too painful. (I've given birth naturally more than once and would rather do that again than push ups grin ). I don't mind so much about the shape as my dress is corset top so pulls everything into place. It's just the size more so.

I've gone for a range of Nivea creams and washes as budget is pretty tight with dp having beem signed off sick from work recently so fingers crossed.

Thanks again for all your advice.

specialsubject Mon 20-Jun-16 15:04:31

you can't lose weight that quickly without a serious stomach problem or amputating something.

wear suncream and don't sunbathe. That's all the skincare routine you need; none of the farty french-named miracle creams do anything.

it all comes from the inside. Try to look after yourself, eat properly and get rest. Give those absolute priority. If you are bogged down in silly wedding arrangements, forget them; all you need is the ceremony, a room and food and drink for your guests. All else can be binned.

enjoy - but it is only one day so I wish you not the best day of your life, but better times!

mrsmortis Mon 20-Jun-16 15:44:24

You should be able to loose one or two pounds a week without doing anything silly. All the major diet clubs see that as a steady rate of weight loss. That would mean, with discipline, you could manage your 5 - 10lb goal, though I would expect it to be at the lower end. You could go and grab a slimming world or weight watchers magazine and follow the week one plan that you'll find in them.

For exercise it doesn't have to be pushups. How about swimming a couple of times a week?

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