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Swimming Costume help needed!

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darumafan Sun 19-Jun-16 21:33:31

I'm going to Spain in August and need help choosing swimming costumes. I am mid-forties, about 5foot 8 tall and about 95kg (so very overweight) I carry all my excess weight on my stomach and thighs. I do have quite long legs but have a lot of cellulite.

I am trying to diet but know that I am still going to be considerably overweight by the time we go.

Can anyone suggest swimming costumes that will make me feel ok about myself. I am going away with my friends and hate the thought of them seeing all my flabby hideous bits in daylight.

DianaT1969 Sun 19-Jun-16 21:59:58

Would you consider board shorts and a plain tankini?
These shorts are polyamide - same fabric used for most swimwear.
Made from polyester but you should be able to swim in them if you don't want to strip down to bikini briefs:

With a simple, supportive tankini:

This is a well-proportioned suit on sale which I think would be easy to wear and feel good in:

I hope you enjoy the hol!

darumafan Mon 20-Jun-16 09:57:52


I love the first one, hadn't thought about a tankini, thank you.

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