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Le Pilage

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hippiedays Sat 18-Jun-16 23:59:55

I've decided I'm going to buy a Le Pilage as an everyday bag (probably a fake from eBay) as I want to use it as a nappy bag too, along with all the other crap I take out and about for my kids.

I think the one that would suit me is a tote but I don''t know what size to get. I want it to look like a large handbag but not excessively big as I have enough to manage with a buggy/children/bag.

Can anybody advise me please? Thanks.

Ilikedogs Sun 19-Jun-16 00:09:52

I used the large Pliage both pre and post baby.

CaoNiMao Sun 19-Jun-16 04:54:19

The large with the long handles is a lifesaver! I've had them in various colours over the past decade.

chloechloe Sun 19-Jun-16 07:19:37

Definitely the large with long handles!

Maybe think about getting a couple of pouches to keep things in order - it's impossible to find anything otherwise and you'll lose hours rifling round for your keys and phone. I was reluctant to buy one as everybody seems to have one where I live. But they are super lightweight which is important when you're lugging so much around and really easy to clean (yes I throw them in the washing machine on occasion!)

hippiedays Sun 19-Jun-16 10:41:13

I will buy it online. I'm a little worried about the large one being too large. How big is it? Eh could it fit a coat? I don't want something too big as am worried it will look too lumpy and awkward? I definitely want the long handled one. Thank you.

momofgirls Sun 19-Jun-16 12:07:10

I think they were reduced in Selfridges sale

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