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No show socks

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trinity0097 Sat 18-Jun-16 21:01:56

Does anyone know anyone who sells this type of thing in a size suitable for a size 7.5 or 8?

Standard ones hurt as my feet are too big for them!

PerspicaciaTick Sat 18-Jun-16 21:07:36

Amazon do various invisible socks for men, might they work?

thiswayplease Sat 18-Jun-16 21:07:40

M&S. I have some but I'm a size 5.

Think DH got some in Sports Direct in a size 8

StillMedusa Sat 18-Jun-16 22:43:45

Get mens ones.. I'm a 7 and the womens' are always a bit tight and after one wash they shrink. I got a load from The Original Factory Shop..mens' section, and they are great!

phoolani Sat 18-Jun-16 22:49:59

I got the m&s ones as well and they're great. I got my size (5) but I thought they went up to an 8..?

PerspicaciaTick Sat 18-Jun-16 22:51:20

The problem with women's socks that go up to an 8, is that a size 8 foot will stretch them to their limit and can end up feeling tight across the toes. I'm always jealous of men having a choice of sock sizes.

trinity0097 Sun 19-Jun-16 05:43:43

The problem with men's ones is that are just regular trainer socks, I want the type that don't show it ha low slung type of shoe, like a ballet pump.

I've found some at m and s in a 6-8 but at £5 a pair it seems steep!

ishouldcocoa Sun 19-Jun-16 05:57:30

John Lewis have sock liners that come in 2 sizes S/M or M/L. Maybe the larger size would work for you?

StrawbRhi Sun 19-Jun-16 09:43:42

I have these in nude lace bought from Primark for about £2.50 for 2 pairs. I'm a size 8, they're really comfy and I can wear them all day with no slippage or toe pinching!

PerspicaciaTick Sun 19-Jun-16 11:53:24 - Not trainer socks?

traviata Sun 19-Jun-16 12:01:30

try ASOS.

I just read a very good review of Vans Canoodle socks on the Vans website.

WoodleyPixie Sun 19-Jun-16 12:52:34

Primark and top man have no show liners. I have size 8 feet and buy men's ones. Even the women's ones that say 4-8 are too tight and hurt or simply roll off!

WoodleyPixie Sun 19-Jun-16 12:55:10

CakeNinja Sun 19-Jun-16 18:42:13

I got some Penguin ones from asos which I wouldn't recommend as I'm a size 7 and after one wash they are all now too bloody small hmm

Nettletheelf Sun 19-Jun-16 20:45:52

The Elle cotton ones are the best, and I've tried them all, even the £20 Falke bonded ones that are supposed to be a shoe liner revelation but which always split. I'm a size 8.

Only problem with the Elle ones is, the cotton is quite thin so they get holes in the toenail area. I spend the odd half hour sewing them up and feeling very 'make do and mend'.

Nettletheelf Sun 19-Jun-16 20:46:32

Forgot, I get them from sock shop online.

Dripdrop Sun 19-Jun-16 21:43:18

On the flip side does anyone know where you can get really small ones I'm size 4 and the 3-5 ones are too big for me

Ginmakesitallok Sun 19-Jun-16 21:45:03

Primary have them £2.50 for 5 pairs.

musicmum75 Sun 19-Jun-16 21:55:50

Drip drop** I'm a size 3 and I got mine in Tesco. They fit perfectly.

BigginsforPope Sun 19-Jun-16 22:00:59

The new look socks are rubbish. I threw mine away after wearing one pair because they made me so cross!

hippiedays Sun 19-Jun-16 22:19:00

Is there some sort of 'trick' to wearing these? I have tried so many different one from Toipshop to M&S to wear with brogues and they inevitably wiggle down/off my foot. I can't get on with them at all!

HerRoyalNotness Sun 19-Jun-16 22:20:28

Have a look at stance socks. Not sure if they ship there or are low enough but they're very comfortable and don't slip

WeeM Sun 19-Jun-16 23:54:32

I love the Golden Lady ones-I got them in Asda, £3.50 for two pairs I think. Not sure what size they go up to though as I am a 4. They have a silicone bit in the heel which I like and don't have a big seam on them which I find can rub on my feet.

VeganCow Mon 20-Jun-16 08:52:22

these have silicone heel, you can buy the mens 6-11

CrotchetQuaverMinim Mon 20-Jun-16 11:07:01

I've the same problem, hippie - they just slip and slide around in the shoes, and the blisters are as bad as if I just went barefoot.

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