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Tried Tom Ford cafe Rose today - can someone pleae gide my credit card

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JedRambosteen Sat 18-Jun-16 18:14:56

It packs such a punch (in a good way) I'm seriously considering buying some. Is there a less financially ruinous alternative?

JedRambosteen Sat 18-Jun-16 18:15:38

Hide, ffs! Should have proofread my header...

Pisssssedofff Sat 18-Jun-16 21:04:01

No there isn't unfortunately, there must be a 10% off code around though, where are you looking to buy it from ?

JedRambosteen Sat 18-Jun-16 21:05:47

I've only seen it John Lewis and House of Fraser. I'm a bit wary of buying online in case of lookalike knock-offs. Is there anywhere you can recommend as a reliable/legit provider?

LittleG69 Sun 19-Jun-16 00:29:43

Perfume Parlour do a dupe. Not had that one but the ones I've had from them have been excellent

goddessofsmallthings Sun 19-Jun-16 01:48:47

There was arecent thread about finding a true rose perfume on which I mentioned Cafe Rose as being my all-time Tom Ford favourite fragrance.

I try in stores and buy my perfumes and hair and other products online from where it's currently £179.95 for 100ml. I've been buying from this company for years without issue but google ' legit' for other recommendations. Also look for discount codes or register, search the site, and wait a few days to see if you get sent a code before buying.

To my nose nothing comes close to Cafe Rose. Jo Malone's Velvet Rose and Oud cologne and L'Artisan's Voleurs de Roses eau de toilette are on the same lines but neither can be said to be cheap alternatives.

Alternatively you could try blending pure Bulgarian rose oil with a few drops of patchouli and sandalwood oils, or invest £5.50 in a 10ml roll-on bottle of Cafe of roses perfume oil from Amazon uk

CaoNiMao Sun 19-Jun-16 05:00:14

Tom Ford counters are quite generous with samples. I have a tiny (but quite generous) sample bottle of White Suede that's lasted me for about two months!

JedRambosteen Sun 19-Jun-16 08:19:48

Thanks all. I'm meeting friends in town for a night out next weekend &
was planning to swing past a Tom Ford perfume counter on my way to meet them, but I'll try for a sample now. smile

HildurOdegard Sun 19-Jun-16 08:27:27

I indulge with decants from eBay, there are a few good sellers - £10 for 4ml I think.

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