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Bum covering waterproof coat with hood for summer

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EmpressTomatoKetchup Fri 17-Jun-16 09:17:26

The patterned ones in the Joules sale are the closest to what I'm after i just don't really do patterns anyone have one, would you recommend?

Anyone got a Ilse Jacobson coat? Again, would you recommend them?

Pisssssedofff Fri 17-Jun-16 09:27:13

I got the joules red one on Monday, just in the nick of time but not in the sale though

MustBeThin Fri 17-Jun-16 13:37:22

I have the Barbour Trevose it looks way better in real life and has pull in cords inside the coat to pull the waist in to give a more fitted look. All of the pics seem to show the models wearing it really baggy with no shape confused it's waterproof and had a removable hood. I tried it on in JL before buying it online with a discount code. grin

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