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Are strapless Wonderbras true to size?

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PacificDogwod Thu 16-Jun-16 21:51:24

What I am really asking is can I risk buying one online?
Or do I have to try them on?

Really cannot be asked to go to a shop… grin

GinIsIn Thu 16-Jun-16 22:01:34

You need to go up a size in the band.

PacificDogwod Thu 16-Jun-16 22:02:50

Oh, really?
Good to know.
Same cup size?

Drogon Thu 16-Jun-16 22:03:22

I would say so (if you definitely know your correct size!)

With a strapless you need the back to be tight to help it stay in place.

PacificDogwod Thu 16-Jun-16 22:07:20

Yes, I am confident of my size - have been well and truly bra-interentioned, here and in RL grin

Drogon Thu 16-Jun-16 22:11:36

Can you order a couple of sizes and try a few on? I found that the material was quite stretchy so with a few wears I had to move on to the tighter hooks, which is why I would stay with the same band size.

If you do decide to go up a back size though, drop a cup size (so if you're 32D go for a 34C as the cup will work out the same size)

I fitted a lot of these bras, it was always hands down the best strapless bra grin

LolBeansandSalad Thu 16-Jun-16 22:13:29

I ordered online recently and had to return as the band was too small, as in, wouldn't bloody meet in the middle!

PacificDogwod Thu 16-Jun-16 22:14:29

Yes, I could order a couple of sizes, I'm just impatient and don't want the faff of sending stuff back <lazy cow>
I've got a couple of new sundresses for our holiday, but really cannot afford to go totally without scaffolding (32DD) so I thought if I had a couple of strapless numbers, maybe in some nice colours, that would do?

Pissant Fri 17-Jun-16 07:44:05

The Wonderbra strapless bra gave me blisters around my ribcage the first time I wore it - it is VERY tight.

I bought a 34C years ago ( prior to bra intervention, am now a 32E!) but I still wear it now and again. I wore it recently - and it certainly feels secure and stays put.

Def go up a back size though.

stripeyzebra321 Fri 17-Jun-16 10:20:29

I wear a 34F but find the backs on most bras a tad loose so I ordered a 32F thinking it wouldn't fall down.
I couldn't even get the thing done up and it was a bargain on eBay and new so I ended up having to order a extra clip in section to make it bigger. Cup size is fab, I do agree they are very tight tho. Mines got tight elastic in the band.

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