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If I usually wear Next Slim and Shape jeans

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Stepawayfromthezebras Thu 16-Jun-16 20:46:23 a size 12, what would people recommend as alternatives?

I used to love the Next ones but the last pair I bought bagged dreadfully and I wasn't very impressed. I'm too lazy to schlep round the shops trying jeans on and have a 5 month old DD who'd make it a not very fun experience.

I'm 5'7" about 9.5-10 stone quite pear shaped and Next size 12 (so prob a about a 16 everywhere else) Any recommendations gratefully received smile

Everyonelovessparkles Thu 16-Jun-16 20:55:28

I like the gap 1969 slim straight. They're quite fitted but not overly tight. I'm just under 5'6 and I had to get petite which are a good length on me.

toboldlygo Thu 16-Jun-16 21:07:08

Uniqlo Smart Shape - I'm usually a 12, I think I buy a 27 in these.

Stepawayfromthezebras Mon 20-Jun-16 12:35:36

Thanks for the replies! smile The size guide for Uniqlo looked a bit off for my measurements but GAP looked spot on so I'm now sporting some Gap 1969 skinnies in size 29 and they're a fab fit - love the wash too - hurrah!

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