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Yeah I KNEW I shouldn't have done that. S&B "disasters"; when you deep down knew better

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HisNameWasPrinceAndHeWasFunky Thu 16-Jun-16 11:42:55

I was given some Treseme mousse for hair - its "wave creating". Its been kicking around the flat for a few days.

DD2 is 5 and has been dying for me to try out what she calls the Third Mousse (you know after 1. chocolate mousse, and 2. animal moose).

So yesterday I washed my hair, and we decided to give the mousse a go.

Except the mousse was a disaster. Rather than "creating waves" it made me look like I hadn't conditioned my hair - EVER!

And of course we had to rush off for the school run AND I was going out after work last night with what looks like birds nest hair (and not in a good way) instead of my usual rather shiny nice hair.

I knew back in the 90's that mousse was shite - what was I thinking. smile

Your turn ..............

CatsGoPurrrr Thu 16-Jun-16 13:39:59

Me me!

As a teen had my lovely long hair cut and permed. I wanted a spiral perm, but the lady who did my mums cropped my hair and gave me a poodle perm. I cried and avoided hairdressers for years.

My mum has photos of my 'do' sad

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