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Jennifer Anniston's trousers

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imjessie Thu 16-Jun-16 11:29:09

Does anyone know where to get some trousers like these ? I love her look and she often has casual type trouser/ joggers on .

HappyGirlNow Thu 16-Jun-16 12:40:02

Zara online has loads..

WipsGlitter Thu 16-Jun-16 12:44:37

I love her top and bag in this photo as well!

imjessie Fri 17-Jun-16 07:28:52


NickiFury Fri 17-Jun-16 07:40:08


Statelychangers Fri 17-Jun-16 07:49:32

I think they are J Brand

imjessie Fri 17-Jun-16 10:08:23

Thank you

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