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Anyone had a brow lift?

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Pupsiecola Wed 15-Jun-16 22:47:00

I saw a surgeon last week about my eyelids. As suspected, my issue is about 40% lids and 60% brows. He wasn't surprised that I feel my vision is now being affected (albeit slightly although it's only going to get worse).

He said eyebrow lifts are not as common these days because of botox. He took me through the various options (full lift, laparoscopic and a hybrid). Of course I apparently have a high forehead and hairline too; never straight forward is it!

Just wondered if anyone has had a brow lift, or knows of anyone? I wonder if Renee Zellweger had both of these ops; her eyes like much more wide and open now.

amarmai Thu 16-Jun-16 00:49:38

will be watching this as I need this too!

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