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Beauty buys from Japan

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QueenofLouisiana Wed 15-Jun-16 22:28:58

DH is off to Tokyo next week- what should I ask him to bring back for me? Is the skin care stuff lovely and desirable (like the Korean stuff)?

I'm too fat tall for the lovely clothes and too old mature for the fun manga style stuff.

So far I've asked for a funky bento box for my lunches...

bojorojo Wed 15-Jun-16 22:55:30

May I recommend you look at Lonely Planet 10 Best Places to Shop In Tokyo. A quick Google will get you there. Look at the shops and see what you fancy. There are department stores in Ginza with everything. Nothing is really cheap but Japanese makeup is good quality. I like their writing paper. I also bought a cotton kimono style dressing gown. It was about £40 and is lovely. It was from the kimono section in a department store. There is a huge amount of kitch - waving cat models are popular! Muji have a huge store if you like their style.

BananaL0af Thu 16-Jun-16 11:45:40

Sorry, not S&B at all but bojorojo's mention of Muji compels me to recommend their anchovy and garlic flavoured crackers. They're snack-y crackers, come in a small packetand they are the food of gods. You won't regret it, the best savoury snack ever! I'm salivating as I type. Such a shame Muji in the UK doesn't sell food.

Back to the question asked... Although you can get Bioré in the UK, it might be cheaper in Japan. The noise strips and sunscreen are very good.

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