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Wavy hair problems

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BananaChew Wed 15-Jun-16 13:03:20

Been following the 'how to be stylish' threads with interest - picked up many tips. Hair seemed to feature heavily.

I have REALLY thick hair. Takes a day to dry. Is also wavy. I could rock the festival waves at 20, not so much a stylish everyday look at 30.

I get my hair cut and coloured regularly. It's in decent nick, prone to be dry as wavy thick hair is. I can straighten it and it looks great, but realistically I can't do it every day because the condition goes way downhill.

Today I have bought new shampoo and conditioner, and a John Frieda curl style product. Hoping for a miracle.

Can anyone offer any pearls of wisdom? How can one make mid-length, thick wavy hair STYLISH??

BananaChew Thu 16-Jun-16 13:07:41


citychick Thu 16-Jun-16 13:41:22

I have thick wavy hair and I get either the Kebelo hair treatment done or, more recently have had the Tibello (I think it's called) done.

I live in a humid climate and so the supermarket products don't work. My hair takes off in the humidity.

Anyhow, these treatments bash out the awkward wave, cut down drying time hugely and stop me looking like a scarecrow. I can see the cut the hairdresser has done. And my hair is so GLOSSY smile.

Not cheap, but they both changed my life!
Tibello one is better, by the way.

QueefRichards Thu 16-Jun-16 21:43:30

Your hair sounds exactly like mine, OP. The single best thing I've ever done for my hair is buy a microfibre turban. I just squeeze out excess water after I wash it, bung it in the turban and when I take it off half and hour later my hair's almost dry. Plus it's wavy not frizzy. Savers chemists do them for £1, if you have one near you.

Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 16-Jun-16 21:46:37

I have thick wavy hair too. I'm interested in trying the turban. I usually wash my hair at night and in the morning it looks ok. By the time I get to work it's huge and frizzy though.

mistlethrush Thu 16-Jun-16 21:52:28

I'm going on the 'use conditioner not shampoo' option which my hair seems to like. Then I use a heavy duty moisurising conditioner and something like Paul Mitchel Super Sculpt - seems to keep control of the curls and stop the frizz reasonably well.

Archedbrowse Thu 16-Jun-16 22:25:15

Hi your hair sounds exactly like mine. Have you tried heated rollers? I'm in my 30s and started using them 2 years ago it's been a revelation. The main benefit is the smoothing effect, and it looks quite nice even when I've just thrown them in haphazardly and left in for 10mins. Because my hair is heavy the curls aren't OTT, just a wave at the ends, but at the same time will last 2-3 days. I've got babyliss ones, they were about £30

CoteDAzur Thu 16-Jun-16 22:42:03

Embrace your curls!

1. Never brush your hair. Ever.

2. Figure out which way your hair curls. Twirl strands of your hair one side, then other when wet. See which way it holds.

2. Comb with the conditioner when in the bath/under the shower. Then squeeze with a towel, apply a good curl cream, crunch & twist the curls, and then leave it. Resist the temptation to fiddle with your hair. Just let it dry on its own.

Sunshineandwaves Fri 17-Jun-16 10:44:33

Hey op. Your hair sounds just like mine. My hair is like having a second job, it's exhausting. Things that have helped me:
I use a silk pillowcase. It seems to smooth out my hair. I use a deep conditioner instead of a regular conditioner. I also have resigned self to having many days where I tie my hair up. I went and bought some nice hair ties and slides for those days where I've almost given up trying.

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