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Hair Removal Advice

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Percephone Tue 14-Jun-16 19:02:24

I need my legs to be hair free by Friday - advice needed!
Was hoping to get waxed, however I was told not hairy enough (2.5 weeks growth). Hairs look about 5mm.
Shaving: usually ok for a day then itching/rash from hell sets in even with new razor/shaving gel/only shaving once in direction of hair growth etc.
Hair removal cream: not tried this for a while but last time ended up with sore skin and hairs still there (admittedly was on upper lip).

What are my options? Can I really not be waxed? If I try somewhere else in a couple of days? Have bought new shaving equipment if all else fails. Staying hairy is not on option!

monkeychop Tue 14-Jun-16 19:48:33

epi-lady normally gets shorter hairs out than waxing, only option really, I think.

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