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Has anyone tried turmeric face mask?

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Buddahbelly Tue 14-Jun-16 08:04:45

If you haven't, oh my god you need to try it.

My skin has never been so glowy and even toned. Even dp said wow when I told him to feel how soft my face was (and that's a big thing for him as he usually just laughs and takes a picture of me with the latest concoction on my face.

I found the recipe online when searching for things to reduce age spots, this was sold as a brightening mask for uneven skin tone, so thought id give it a go, age spots have faded (not completely but faded enough that I now squint to see them).

Skin is bright and super soft, even with moisturiser i've never had skin so soft. I used a teaspoon of turmeric, natural yoghurt and some honey. I thought id dye my face orange but gladly i didn't. I now have the dewy glowy skin that you all talk about when using cetaphil or asian skin stuff smile

WomanScorned Tue 14-Jun-16 08:34:03

Ooh, sounds good.
I take it the mask is as well as your usual skin care (ie, weekly oil cleanse and just water in between, in my very lazy case!)?

CremeDeSudo Tue 14-Jun-16 11:01:57

Don't you end up with yellow skin??

CremeDeSudo Tue 14-Jun-16 11:03:25

What recipe did you use? Can you share?

notthestereotype1 Tue 14-Jun-16 13:20:29

Like the sound of this. I'm very surprised you didn't end up with a yellow face though!

Does it tingle? I like it to tingle wink grin

UterusUterusGhali Tue 14-Jun-16 13:32:09

My fingers are still yellow from making bhajis last week!

Are you on a wind-up, op? grin

Buddahbelly Tue 14-Jun-16 14:47:50

haha no, definitely not a wind up, I was desperate for things to fade or get rid of age spots after my last post didn't get many replies so I googled for a while and came across this a lot, told my indian friend last night and she just laughed and said it's very common in mumbai where she is from, her grandmother would make a big batch of the face mask and she was surprised she hadnt heard of more people doing it over here.

She told me to use chickpea/gram flour next time to add as a clay ingredient for oily skin. So the basis for it is a teaspoon of gram flour, dash of honey & 3/4 teaspoon of turmeric. For dry skin use milk and pat it on and for oily combo skin use the yoghurt.

this was the 1st video i watched on youtube but there are tons on there and they all add in different things, such as lemons/avocados etc. I liked the basic one i used last night which was just the turmeric, yoghurt and a bit of honey. You leave it on for around 15/20 minutes. and as long as you don't add tons of turmeric you'll be ok. Make sure you wash it off well, so perfect for adding it on then getting a shower.

Buddahbelly Tue 14-Jun-16 14:49:10

sorry forgot to link --- not sure if it will work as a link. if not google diy turmeric face mask for rosacea and dark circles.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Tue 14-Jun-16 14:54:09

I'll end up with yellow skin, fingers, top and towels.

Not worth the hassle.

Buddahbelly Tue 14-Jun-16 15:01:57

chardonnay I didnt touch the stuff, just used a teaspoon to mix everything and then applied it with the back of the spoon.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Tue 14-Jun-16 15:02:44

Why didn't tough it?
Were you scared your fingers will turn yellow?


ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Tue 14-Jun-16 15:03:00

touch sorry!

Buddahbelly Tue 14-Jun-16 15:23:10

Of course i was, smile was terrified id end up going to work like marge simpson too. But after watching a few videos they all said to use the back of the spoon so did it and was fine.

fuzzywuzzy Tue 14-Jun-16 15:40:28

In India they use these type of masks on brides before their wedding, add rose water which acts as a moisturiser for dry skin and smells nice. they use it on the entire body actually.

You wont turn yellow and your fingers wont turn yellow, definitely mix wit a spoon.

Paperdolly Mon 17-Oct-16 19:11:35

Ha! The secret seems to be to use the Turmeric especially for face masks; not the cooking one.

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