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thoughts on this dress? Can it be shortened??

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sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 15:05:31

I've been looking for a dress for a black tie thingy this weekend and have found this. I like it... I've covered a lovely long evening dress for years and they usually swamp me as I'm petite but think this one might work. Only problem is it's too long as I'm only 5'3".

Do you think it can be shortened? I haven't got time to go to a dress maker (unless there's a quick way to do that??) so was thinking of pinning it up and taking it to my local dry cleaners.

Also how long should this style of dress be? Seems a tricky balance to get it long enough but not so long that I trip over it (highly likely knowing me!!).

sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 15:06:20

Aargh I am so bad at typos. I've COVETED a dress, not covered!

SesameSparkle Mon 13-Jun-16 15:35:16

Yes, it probably can. As the fabric is stretchy, it’s probably best to take it to someone who knows what they’re doing. It sounds like you need to look for a place that offers a same day or next day alterations service – it’s not a complicated alteration. If you’re going to get it done professionally, then get them to pin it up for you too that way the hem will hang perfectly according to your shape. You can try it on with the shoes you will be wearing. For length, I like just off the ground/to the tops of your toes, and not long enough to trip.

sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 17:00:34

Thanks Sesame. Do you like the dress??

SesameSparkle Mon 13-Jun-16 20:57:26

Yes, it makes a nice formal gown. Does it fit well and do you suit cool tones?

Chocolateteabag Mon 13-Jun-16 20:57:36

Lovely dress - pretty sure it can be shortened. I would take it with the shoes you plan to wear it with and have it taken up by a seamstress/ alterations place
Go for just above the floor - 0.5cms

sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 21:43:53

Aargh don't know whether it suits me or not. I'll be brave and post a photo. I think I usually suit colours like coral and navy but it isn't a really cool blue... I think...

SirChenjin Mon 13-Jun-16 21:47:38

Gorgeous dress! You look fab in it smile

TeaMeBasil Mon 13-Jun-16 21:50:36

Lovely, you have a great figure & I think it suits your shape smile

LadyLayLay Mon 13-Jun-16 21:50:38

I think you look amazing in it too!

Shizzy Mon 13-Jun-16 21:52:52

Lovely dress. Looks gorgeous on you. Are you wearing heels in that pic? If not, I'd say with a heel you wouldn't have to take it up.

sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 21:55:21

Ooh I love mumsnet. Thanks everyone!

Yes, sadly I am wearing my highest heels in that pic so definitely need it taken up by an inch or two otherwise I am going to be stumbling around all over the place. So tomorrow I am going to be on a mission to find a dressmaker who can do alternations at short notice!

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 13-Jun-16 21:58:14

If you only want to lose a few inches off it, that would be fine, as far as I can see. Too much and it would alter the draping effect I think.

SesameSparkle Mon 13-Jun-16 21:59:22

Well it does fit you very well and shows off your lovely figure. I misremembered the colour when I posted earlier, thinking it was a little more icy. I like the blue colour.

sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 22:16:51

Any thoughts on these shoes? I do have a new pair of black sandals I love but I'm not sure black will go with the dress...

sqidsin Mon 13-Jun-16 22:17:33

I do have some silver sandals but the bar on the shoulder of the dress is gold...

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 13-Jun-16 22:43:29

I think it's lovely - do you really need to shorten it if you're wearing high shoes? Or have you already pinned it up in that picture?

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 13-Jun-16 22:43:48

And yes I like the shoes smile

thenightsky Mon 13-Jun-16 22:47:38

Stunning dress!

I think the length looks fine actually.

I'd love that dress, but as I'm 5ft 9in it would be bloody mid-calf length on me angry

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