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occasion dresses in natural fibres?

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keeponkeepinon Sun 12-Jun-16 10:48:36

I am really starting to want to wear clothes in simple natural fabrics like cotton and linen but struggling to find a dress suitable for a wedding. Any ideas? I am short, curvy and like something to be structured/nipped in a the waist and most likely a lower cut neck line.
I would like something quite simple and classy, knee length, possibly cotton lace if thats even a thing? I'm mid thirties so want to dress for my age if that makes any difference!
I quite like the boden lace strappy dress but at that price its out of reach! Plus, more substantial strap coverage is ultimately probaby better, my best quality bras have thicker straps and not sure if i would find something that would do the job as well with skinny straps!
Or I saw a very simple v neck, fitted to waist, flared skirt navy linen dress I saw, but not sure if its just too plain for a wedding? It'd be useful though as I'd be able to wear it with lots of other things/dress up/down.

Any thoughts/ideas appreciated! Quite like the idea of navy but certainly open to others! TIA

PedantPending Sun 12-Jun-16 13:05:50

I think that Boden dress looks like a petticoat!
Try John Lewis online for dresses in cotton, linen and silk - you can filter the fabric. There are often reductions and there are a lot of good brands on offer as well as JL's own brand offering. Just be aware that some of the dresses are very thing, see-through material and lined ones may have a natural fibre outer shell, but synthetic lining.
Cos also do some natural fibre dresses, but the styles can be rather odd. i have just bought a navy, silk dress from Cos, which is very plain, but can be dressed up or down so very versatile. It was about €150.

burnishedsilver Sun 12-Jun-16 13:43:25

I think you'll have to compromise somewhere. You'd be very lucky to find a dress to meet all those criteria for less than the price of the boden dress.

botemp Sun 12-Jun-16 13:48:43

This guipure lace dress might be an affordable alternative, 100% cotton fabric and lining, though more covered up than the Boden one. La Redoute (and generally French brands) do a lot of occasion type wear in non-synthetic fabrics for summer. Just be mindful of sizing there's no stretch in these type of dresses and French sizes usually come in smaller.

Search for 'broderie anglaise' dresses, it's usually always in cotton (sometimes linen) and abundant in the summertime and considered lace's cheaper cousin. Classically you find it in white or navy but you can find other colours too.

The Boden one is beautiful, but agree that it's v expensive.

I've just bought this in black and it's really lovely (and a great price). Only available in black or white though.

Navy and quite pretty. Per Una alert though!

Blue but maybe not dressy enough

keeponkeepinon Mon 13-Jun-16 10:20:11

That's pretty botemp though perhaps longer sleeves than I was thinking of. I'm taking a closer look at it though.

remus its far too expensive when I consider I'll only get a small handful of wears. I'd never be able to wear a half decent bra under it anyway.
The black one is nice but I'd prefer not to wear black. And white is out! Not as sure about the per una and last one - fabric a bit heavy for it.

could this be dressed up or is it too plain? gap linen dress

gonegrey56 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:23:00

30% off all Boden dresses today, in case of any interest to you OP.

keeponkeepinon Mon 13-Jun-16 10:42:07

I just spotted that gone! I am looking at something simpler and more versatile now - I think it'd be a better investment. The tie waist ballet dress could get tonnes of wear over the years and only needs some bright shoes/bag to go with it. I'm ordering to give it a try.

RebelRogue Mon 13-Jun-16 10:58:47

RebelRogue Mon 13-Jun-16 10:59:28

RebelRogue Mon 13-Jun-16 11:00:50

My favourite

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