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Are Guess Bags any Good?

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HairyMoose Sun 12-Jun-16 00:09:07

I've seen a beautiful bag from Guess which I love, this is quite new for me as I've never been into fashion and bags really.

It's very pricey and I can afford it but I don't know if I can justify it IYSWIM. It's quite big and is made out of a plastic type material which feels very strong. Do you think Guess bags are a good buy? I've seen negative reviews about the leather coming off etc but this is more a plastic type. Do you think it's a waste of money. I'm also worried about the size of it. Any comments or advice welcome as this is really not my forte πŸ˜‚

HairyMoose Sun 12-Jun-16 00:26:17

I've found a picture if that helps. It's called a Guess Shine Dome Satchel Bag. I couldn't find the correct colour as the one I like is two tone but this is the shape and material. It's like a tote bag and quite big.

burnishedsilver Sun 12-Jun-16 00:39:41

The quality is not good for the money.

bojorojo Sun 12-Jun-16 00:48:15

I am not a huge fan of synthetic bags but at least the leather won't be a problem. For a lot less than this, Zara do excellent synthetic bags. They are perfectly good for everyday use. For about Β£100 I would be looking for leather, although a structured bag like this would be more than Β£100. Wait for the sales, just around the corner now. Many more options will be available.

HairyMoose Sun 12-Jun-16 07:17:58

Thanks for your advice. I was worried about the quality. BTW how do you know it is bad quality just by looking at the picture? Does it look cheap? I've never spent a lot on myself really and now I can finally afford a couple of nice things I'd like to become more fashion conscious. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I don't live in the UK but we do have a local Zara so will go and have a look today. My bag at the moment has a broken clasp so it keeps popping open so I'd like to spoil myself with something nice instead of the second hand stuff I keep acquiring.

SavoyCabbage Sun 12-Jun-16 07:22:05

Where do you live? You might be able to get it cheaper if you buy it from another country.

It sounds like you really, really like it and you need a bag. If you were buying something for your dc would you feel less guilty?

HairyMoose Sun 12-Jun-16 09:25:39

Hi Savoy, not much chance of that happening lol. I live in Cape Town so it's not easy to get things shipped from abroad due to customs. That's the problem I can easily spend a fortune on other people as I love buying gifts but also struggle at spend on myself, no idea why confused. I don't have kids and barely any bills now compared to when I lived in the UK as I had so little disposable income, but now things have drastically improved and I want to start buying nice things for a change and making myself feel good as I've always put myself second. I'm just worried that it will break in a couple of months as I can never keep things looking nice for some reason. Maybe cause I buy cheap tat πŸ˜‚ I want to look well groomed for once instead of a scruffy fool grin

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