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Dress for a 5 ft7 14/16 (closer to 16), bit of a tummy

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LittleRedSparkle Sat 11-Jun-16 21:28:36

ok, i'm looking for a dress for a 5 ft7 14/16 (closer to 16), bit of a tummy, not huge, but definite middle age spreading

not used to dresses, dont feel comfortable in shirt dresses, have always erred towards maxi, but would like to move over to a dress. I see all you ladies talking about the school run dresses and nice summer dresses... i want one!!

(i look terrible in a skater dress, but i LOVE this, even though the one i have in my wardrobe is too small and makes me look really dumpy)

SansaClegane Sat 11-Jun-16 22:44:47

What kind of shape are you? And busty, or not so much? I have too many loads of summer dresses and love them, they make me feel so much better than the old jeans/top combo!

LittleRedSparkle Sun 12-Jun-16 13:38:58

Shape... Hmmm
34d bra size
Bit curvey i would say
Next jeans fit me well, and when I put weight on it literally goes on all over, although saying that, I tend to be bigger on thighs
So a bit pear 🍐 shaped

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