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Talk to me about shoes

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ilovecherries Fri 10-Jun-16 13:01:33

Tiny issue in the scheme of things, but kinda getting me down. I've had a LOT of surgery on my left leg after a bad accident. After a year of physio I'm walking again without crutches. The problem is that I simply can't bear to wear most shoes - I'm literally crying in pain from my back/leg/foot. Before my accident I lived in dresses, now I feel I never get out of yoga pants. I can wear trainers and walk well in them. I can wear slip on Skechers go walks and while I can't walk huge distances in them, I can certainly get about. And my mum passed on (sob) a pair of flat reiker stress less sandals in BRONZE that I can wear comfortably. And that is it. Ballet flats, low heels, brogues, boots - basically anything else - is hopeless. I've just spent a fruitless hour in the hotter shop and couldn't get anything there even. I'm 50 and menopausal and I feel 100. And that's without the 4 stone in weight that have come on while I've been immobile. While anything with a heel is throwing me off balance, it's also like my left ankle bone is much lower than the other one now, and the edges of shoes are digging into it. Has anyone got any ideas at all. My lovely daughter ordered me some gorgeous wrap dresses in my new size from Boden, but I haven't worn them outside the house because of the footwear issue. Help me feel passable in public again!

MoonlightandMusic Fri 10-Jun-16 21:09:27

Oh, that sounds painful! Have you tried anything from Ecco? Their shoes tend to have some good support in them.

Also, on the plus side - trainers are currently seriously in with everything ATM - something like this might work with the wrap dresses?

ilovecherries Sat 11-Jun-16 07:58:39

Oh, those Converse are nice! I'll go and check them out today. The trainers I'm currently wearing are proper New Balance running shoes, so those would certainly be a step up.

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