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Which shops make clothes designed for an hourglass/athletic body in mind?

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Buddahbelly Fri 10-Jun-16 09:10:26

Because i'm sick and tired of being swept away with beautiful images from the likes of zara/mango and when they arrive it's quite obvious I'm not their target customer. Im 5 foot 5, size 12/14/16 depending on shop.

I recieved a mango dress yesterday and I swear the cut out bit for the boobs was up by my neck, they definitely design for the 6 foot tall size 8 models out there.

Id love to be able to walk into a shop and have a wide range of clothes looking at me to choose from, as it happens I usually walk into oasis see something I love and buy it, then a few weeks after wearing it Ill see a picture of myself and wonder what I was thinking buying it at the time!

So where are all these shops that design for the shorter, large of bust and bum ladies out there? smile

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 10-Jun-16 09:58:52

Well I'm not sure.

I'm wearing size 16 jeans from Zara which fit but are a little tight round the waist.

The top is a size 14 from New Look and is BIG! It skins nicely over my boobs and doesn't touch me round the body. I am not a size 14, I'm overweight by a lot!

Vanity sizing is annoying. Mango is well known for being for skinny folk. I can't really think of any mid-range stores that cater for boobs and bottoms confused

Buddahbelly Fri 10-Jun-16 10:18:02

Yeah I have the same trouble the top I have on is a new look sz 12. My jeans are oasis 16 and are a bit tight on the waist.

I've never been able to buy jeans in zara.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Sun 12-Jun-16 22:37:41

Actually just thinking about this - why can't mannequins come in a variety of shapes and sizes? They don't have to be 'fat', but it would be helpful if they had an hourglass, an athletic shape, a rounder shape!

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