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Hair colour nightmare

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Fitzy0312 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:32:43

Can anyone help.
After months of hair colour at well know high St salons using both wella and LOreal products , any permanent hair colour only lasts around two to three weeks leaving me looking like a frazzled orangutan rather than a dark brunette . Obviously the sun affects the colour but there is no sun during the winter months. I have been fobbed off by both wella and LOreal in fact wella can only suggest that the Problem may link to copper pipes . I have to have my hair coloured twice in each visit . I have spent so many hours in the Hairdressors over the last 18 months and it has cost me a fortune . Amy suggestions gratefully received .

Beanbag1977 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:37:09

Just go grey.I have the same problem and can no longer stand the horrible orange so I have decided to go natural.It feels very liberating!

Jinglebells99 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:42:24

Do you use colour protective shampoos? Do you swim in chlorinated pools? Tbh I stopped colouring my hair a year ago. I don't miss the time or expense.

Jinglebells99 Thu 09-Jun-16 22:46:09

Lol me too Beanbag1977 smile I've had more compliments on my hair colour and cut (a pixie but not too short) So nice not to worry about roots!

SueGeneris Thu 09-Jun-16 22:50:20

I have a similar problem but with highlights. Hair always just goes this yuck orangey colour. So I'm growing them out (and letting grey in) but toning them down using a non permanent every 2 weeks. I just want normal colour hair!

Georgina1975 Thu 09-Jun-16 23:03:51

I have always had this - really warm undertones. I don't use colour protect products, but blue/purple shampoo, conditioner, treatments to cool down the tones in my hair.

I got a new product from the hairdressers a couple of weeks ago that is deep blue & left on 7-10 minutes once a week. It's really good - will find the name tomorrow.

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