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HELP! 41 year old style disaster.

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TheLittleFoxes Thu 09-Jun-16 17:12:17

I am such an odd shape I find it really difficult to dress well and find clothes that flatter and fit properly.

I have:
wide shoulders
big breasts (but a small rib cage)
ok waist
wide hips
chunky thighs with really wobbly inner bits
oddly shaped calves
matronly ankles
I am size 12-14 on top and 14 on bottom.

I don't like showing my legs as they are a disaster zone. I usually live in straight jeans but my faithful pairs of Levi's Curve have fallen apart thanks to chafing at the inner thigh seam and I am struggling to find suitable replacements. Everything seems to be made of stretch denim these days which is definitely not my friend.

So, I'm looking for advice on what to wear apart from jeans and what exercise might help tame my bountiful thighs? I need to lose at least a stone which will help a bit but really, I need to tone up.

I just feel so badly put together and it's really affecting my confidence.

FauxFox Thu 09-Jun-16 17:20:48

Can you not replace with more Levis Curve if they are a good fit? Well fitting jeans are a holy grail and my solution when I really need new jeans is to go to TK Maxx and gather up every conceivably suitable pair in a range of three sizes and try them all on (sometimes 20+ pairs). It is not much fun but I am yet to walk out empty handed and sometimes try styles/brands I really thought would not suit me but find they are actually great on.

Maybe try that?

TheLittleFoxes Thu 09-Jun-16 17:22:51

The ones I have are the old style Curve ID, the denim is much heavier and seems to contain wobbly bits much better. The new Curve ID jeans seem to be made of lighter, stretchier denim. I've tried to find the old style on EBay but no luck with my size.

TheLittleFoxes Thu 09-Jun-16 17:24:42

My local TK Maxx is small and doesn't seem to have much choice re: jeans. I went into House of Fraser yesterday and looked at loads of jeans but couldn't find anything suitable.

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