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Bra help please

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emwithme Wed 08-Jun-16 21:44:54

I need some help finding reasonable priced (ideally sub £20) bras in whatever cup size is up from a 34G (some places do a GG, some places go straight to H, I've noticed).

A year ago I was wearing a 38F with a 4 inch extender. It fitted perfectly (except for the having to have an extender bit, IYSWIM). The cups fitted perfectly (flat central gore, wires in the right place, no spillage) both thanks to threads on here, and thanks to my lovely Aunty who was trained as a corsetiere in the 50s and who taught me well as a teenager grin . I then lost some weight, and the 38F fitted perfectly without an extender. I then lost some more weight, and went into a 36G.

I've now lost some more weight - and have plans for another couple of stone, which is why I don't want to spend a fortune on bras, only to slim out of them, otherwise it'd be straight to Bravissimo. I've been getting my bras at Asda while I'm losing weight - this style seems to fit me really well and suits the shape of my boobs (quite droopy when unsupported, not much fat on them - they're all breast tissue which is why losing weight hasn't caused them to shrink at all) but now I'm too big in the cup for Asda (I went today and tried on a 34G - it fits perfectly in the band, I tried it on backwards to check - but the cups are causing multi-boob even without scooping).

Can any bra experts point me in the right direction of where to get some nice-ish (they don't need to be gorgeous, functional is far more my style, and DH is stuck with me) bras that won't break the bank while I'm losing more weight...

KatharinaRosalie Wed 08-Jun-16 21:48:49

If you get double boob without scooping, you want to go up at least 2 sizes from G. So if the brand has GG, try H.
There's quite a selection on eBay - if you like the asda model then other full cup styles should work.

emwithme Wed 08-Jun-16 23:22:16

Bloody hell, really? An H! DH will be thrilled (despite the fact that my actual boobs haven't changed size!)...I did have a little whinge to him after posting this and he said that I can use the John Lewis vouchers his parents gave us for Christmas (that I've been buying bits and bobs for the house with) to get a couple of decent bras if I want, so a trip to JL is on the cards!

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