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Help my terrible, spotty, scarred skin!

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n0ne Wed 08-Jun-16 08:45:28

I've had persistent spots my whole life (now 37) which have got worse after pregnancy and 2 recent-ish mcs screwed up my hormones. I also have dark skin (think Mel B, shade-wise) which scars easily and am a terrible sporny picker so have a few small dark scars. I only use natural products for the sake of the environment and my health, but just haven't hit that right combo or routine to manage my skin.

At the moment I use Dr Organic tea tree facewash in the morning, followed by snail gel and Body Shop tea tree BB cream. At night I hot oil cleanse and more snail gel. But it ain't cutting it.

Can anyone recommend any natural products for cleansing, spot-fighting, moisturising and cover up? I live on the Continent so nothing from Boots/Superdrug etc. My skin TYIA!

Nabootique Wed 08-Jun-16 09:49:40

Odacite are a natural range that make potent serums from just essential oils. They do one for pimples and another for congestion, also one for brightening which could help fade some old scarring (marks as opposed to dents in the skin). Cult Beauty stock them and do international shipping. This duo is good value:

Is the face wash in the morning for speed, or because you prefer to rinse? The evening oil cleansing is good. Face washes can upset the balance of the skin, although the one you use doesn't contain regular SLS, but it does contain something similar that is related to it. It also contains shea butter, which although you are rinsing it off it can cause further issues for problem skin as it is very rich. If you want something quick for the morning a gel to oil cleanser that emulsifies and rinses off with water would be my recommendation, something like this:

A clay cleanser is a nice addition too, and you can usually have them double up as a mask by leaving on for longer which is great for oilier skin and drawing out impurities. Nice for mornings when you have a bit more time or are feeling particularly congested.

If you really like a foaming cleanser try and find one where it is the pump action that makes it foam, rather than a sodium xxx xxx ingredient. This one would have too many chemicals for your liking, I think, but this is the sort of bottle it would have:

I haven't tried snail gel but I know it gets good reviews. If it's not causing you any problems I'd stick with it and save your money for the serum stage. A moisturiser is really just sealing in anything that has gone on before it.

Do you exfoliate? I'm guessing you use a flannel with your oil cleanse? Do you think it's sufficient? If not a very gentle scrub might be a good idea. I'd usually recommend acid toning, but it is hard to find those in the natural market, even though AHA can be sourced from fruit and BHA from willow trees! Some people on here have had good results using apple cider vinegar, but I've not tried it.

Resurfacing masks do a similar job and are easier to find in more natural brands. Oskia and Tata Harper both do one. Not sure of your budget!

Nabootique Wed 08-Jun-16 09:50:14

Sorry, that's really long blush

n0ne Wed 08-Jun-16 13:55:25

Don't be sorry, that's really helpful!! Thanks!

n0ne Wed 08-Jun-16 15:34:35

Do you know anything about make-up? People seem to like mineral foundation but I've no idea. I'm fairly new to BB cream and get mixed results. And what order do I use the products? I have very little time in the mornings, hence the facewash, so ideally just want to be able to slap something light on to cover up the worst!

taybert Wed 08-Jun-16 15:46:50

Have you been to a doctor? Scarring acne in someone in their 30s is dermatologist territory. Not that I really take my own advice mind but I'll say it anyway! Good luck.

Kennington Wed 08-Jun-16 15:58:18

Get some mild acids and do hot cloth cleansing every night?
I had few scars that went with this
And maybe use a really light oil to sooth.

GraceGrape Wed 08-Jun-16 23:29:05

If your acne is hormone-related, you could try taking Agnus Castus (available from health food shops). It is supposed to be good for regulating your hormones. I used to get a lot of cystic acne around the time of my period and this seems to have helped. Not suitable if you're TTC or taking the contraceptive pill though.

Soon2bC Thu 09-Jun-16 12:14:15

I am 42 and have suffered from acne all my life, however it is not hormone related for me as far as i can tell. Mine is particularly bad on my neck, chin, t-zone and temples I have tried it all with little success, a bulging bathroom cabinet and a lot of wasted money but recently discovered the joys of Sudocrem! Yep....nappy rash cream!!! My (very beautiful and in my opinion perfect complexion, niece recommended it) I put on layer all over my face and leave it for about and hour and then wipe off the excess and rub the rest in as much as i can. this leaves me looking a bit chalky and pale but it is normally before bed so who cares! in the morning normal shower and wash my face with what ever DS hasn't used up and in less than a week my acne had started to clear up. I did this 3 times in the first week and twice in the second week. a particularly horrid angry spot had its own application of cream before bed for 2 nights and went away (they normally last for weeks or get squeezed which leaves scars)
I dont think using it all over your face every day would be a good idea as it dries out the skin but it has been great.
DS has lovely teen acne and has just started using it too and his forehead has cleared up really well and his chin and neck are improved.

it seems to dry out the spot and calm the redness. I still have the scars to deal with but for me personally i have better skin than i have ever had.

n0ne Fri 10-Jun-16 17:35:49

Bumping in case anyone has make-up tips

Acorn44 Fri 10-Jun-16 17:39:21

Clinique's Anti Blemish Solutions has made a big difference to my very hormonal mid 40s skin.

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