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BB, CC, tinted moisturiser, foundation.... I need help!

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Amiable Tue 07-Jun-16 18:58:04

I need a base - happy to consider all options but these are my requirements/details:
46 years old (not exactly wrinkly, but getting fine lines)
fair skin with freckles (so don't want anything too "mask-y")
classic combination skin - dry cheeks and oily t-zone
I want to be able to slap it on in the morning (no faffing with brushes or sponges please!) and not think about it all day

I did have the Soap & Glory CC cream in Nude Peach which I loved but I think it's been discontinued - I can't get it for love nor money!

I also don't really want to spend more than £30, unless it leaves people gasping at my beauty.. grin

Any ideas? (not that I'm being demanding or anything...)

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