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Bare legs with summer dresses for work

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Enigma1975 Tue 07-Jun-16 12:16:32


What's the view on wearing (casual) summer dresses to work with bare legs?! Ok, or fashion faux-pas?!

I work in a really casual office - jeans and t-shirts are normal to wear - and have a couple of lovely summer dresses that its finally warm enough to wear them. Do I go bare legs with sandals though? My legs are ok - not exactly super-model and definitely not tanned, but not too scary. And I am the wrong side of 40, but don't really see how that affects things!

Sheer tights in summer just seems a little 'formal'. A little too Kate Middleton (I would if wearing a pretty dress and heels to a wedding for example|).

Any thoughts appreciated!!

ThomasRichard Tue 07-Jun-16 12:17:49

I'm wearing a summer dress with sandals and bare legs at this very moment. So far, no one has summoned HR to escort me from the building.

Enigma1975 Tue 07-Jun-16 12:19:03

Phew, well that's a relief ;-)

P1nkP0ppy Tue 07-Jun-16 12:19:42

Personally I didn't feel comfortable without tights unless the skirt or dress was mid calf. Certainly I made sure my legs were (fake) tanned, feet pedicured etc.

NattyGolfJerkin Tue 07-Jun-16 12:20:51

If it is a jeans and t-shirt office, I wouldn't think twice. Just wear it. So long it isn't too short/strappy/cleavagey.

Fuzzypeggy Tue 07-Jun-16 12:22:14

I think it's about the length of the dress, too short an I wouldn't wear to office without thick black tights. Summer is crazy in offices though, my boss always wears very formal business dress in winter and then yesterday came in with a halter neck summer dress on with her full back on show. Weird.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 07-Jun-16 12:22:22

I don't think many people actually care. Looking now; half my office have bare legs. I couldn't tell you if they are fake tanned or manicured or whatever. I didn't notice they were bare legged until I read this!

It's fine, nobody will be offended by your legs. If the world has coped with my legs, everyone else is fine grin

pottymummy Tue 07-Jun-16 12:22:28

I don't see the problem. I'm wearing a summer dress with bare legs. I'm 41. The office is generally casual. I sit at a desk all day anyway.

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Tue 07-Jun-16 12:23:50

In a jeans-Ok type office, it's not a problem at all.

Even in more formal settings it can be OK, when very hot and if skirt no shorter than knee length (bare calf barely gets noticed, wouldn't say the same about bare thigh)

Enigma1975 Tue 07-Jun-16 12:24:22

Thanks all - good to get a general opinion! Legs out tomorrow then (mine are also tucked under a desk most of the day, so sod it!) :-)

PitilessYank Tue 07-Jun-16 12:24:39

I never wear any leg covering with skirts to work in warm weather, and I have very pale, not-overly-cute legs. They match the rest of me so I figure that's fine.

"Nude" tights are out of fashion where I live, though. People go bare-legged or wear thick tights/leggings under skirts.

ohgoshIdontknow Wed 08-Jun-16 23:14:37

Yep only grannies still wear nude tights in my averagely fashion conscious London office.

I hate going bare legged as worry about sweaty feet in shoes but am just going with it this summer!

CointreauVersial Wed 08-Jun-16 23:17:57

Hell yeah. Bare legs all the way. And often sandals too.

stickygotstuck Wed 08-Jun-16 23:29:30

I fail to see how this is a question of fashion [clueless alert]. Isn't this a bit like asking should I wear a woolly jumper over my strappy top in the Russian winter? Why on Earth would you wear a strappy top? confused

If it's hot enough to wear a Summer dress, surely it's too hot to wear tights.


JaceLancs Thu 09-Jun-16 00:56:59

Bare legs fine in my work environment, strapless, backless or too short however is not

RebelandaStunner Thu 09-Jun-16 08:21:52

I've had a different summer dress on every day this week with sandals. Most are in dresses and skirts and we all have bare legs.

Lndnmummy Thu 09-Jun-16 08:56:32

I work in the city and bare legs/ strappy tops/sandals would not be ok

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 09-Jun-16 10:59:41

I always ditch the tights when it's hot enough; smart sandals, painted toes and a nice dress or cropped trousers and a smart vest/shirt top are my work uniform. It's too uncomfortable to wear tights in the heat!

I am so white I practically glow - never tanned, nobody's ever commented.

user1466697572 Fri 24-Jun-16 16:16:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Nettletheelf Fri 24-Jun-16 19:01:31

Of course you can have bare legs at work. And sandals (with heels and fake tan in my case). I'm 44 and an accountant. Who cares?

On the commute to work I'm curious about the number of women wearing thick black tights on hot days. They can't all have leg disfigurements.

I8toys Sat 25-Jun-16 16:07:36

I feel unprofessional with bare legs in the office. No idea why but don't like my fanjo flapping around in the breeze. I either wear trousers or 5 denier nude tights from M&S.

My colleague wears really short dresses with bare legs and she's not a small lady so when she bends over its not pleasant.

KittyB52 Sat 25-Jun-16 16:19:54

Those who go bare legged - how do you deal with the 'sweaty feet in shoes' issue? This is the main reason I dislike bare leggedness in the office (the other is fanjo flappage as mentioned by the previous poster grin).

BikeRunSki Sat 25-Jun-16 16:20:59

Also 40+, also casual office, also ok ish but white legs. I wear knee length jersey dresses with sandals in the summer. I think this is far more presentable than the "hooker bride" look that some of our youngsters seem to adopt from mid May.

KittyB52 Sat 25-Jun-16 16:29:52

Hooker bride shockgrin

Maybe sandals would be better for me then. I have some jersey dresses which are quite 'office smart' that I could wear with some smartish sandals. Maybe.

Nettletheelf Sat 25-Jun-16 17:22:06

Hooker bride!!! I'm thinking Madonna circa 1985. Show us a picture of what you mean!

Kitty, re the feet thing. Wear sandals to let the air circulate or, if you're wearing shoes, go for shoe liners. They are greatly improved these days. The cotton ones make ballet pumps squeak but feet remain dry!

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