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Best cream for itchy skin

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williwonti Mon 06-Jun-16 15:49:03

Hi, i have horrendously itchy skin on my lower legs. There are lots of options in Boots etc but does anyone have any recommendations please?

fiorentina Mon 06-Jun-16 20:31:27

Have you ever tried Aveeno? Oat based and worked for both my DC.

Footle Mon 06-Jun-16 20:56:52

Aveeno, the sensitive skin one.

midnightmoomoo Mon 06-Jun-16 21:13:22

Epaderm, either from the dr or you can buy it from the pharmacy bit of Boots. If it's lower legs be careful what you use to shave them with, if you do.

williwonti Mon 06-Jun-16 21:15:01

Aveeno didn't do much. What is best to shave with? I've always just used Venus blades and shower gel and never a problem until last year or so and the itching is just getting so bad.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 06-Jun-16 21:18:17

I used to get that- I use sensitive care shaving gel and don't get it now.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 06-Jun-16 21:20:16

Piriton now to stop the itch.

williwonti Mon 06-Jun-16 22:13:51

Will that work? I'm damaging my skin, it is unbearable

CoperCabana Mon 06-Jun-16 22:17:08

Dermol 500 was a life saver for me. I was literally clawing my legs, drawing blood and used everything to try and resolve, spent loads and ended up with folliculitis. Got Dermol 500 cream from Amazon which has lasted for months and have had no problems since. You can also use it to wash if you are very sensitive. I have found I can use a mild, kind shower creme if I use the Dermol which I couldn't do before.

CoperCabana Mon 06-Jun-16 22:18:13

Oh and I take loratadine, but that didn't make a huge difference (but I take anyway due to rhinitis).

IWILLgiveupsugar Mon 06-Jun-16 22:22:08

Try putting oats into a tied up sock and putting it in the bath when you are running one. The milky liquid is soothing to itchy skin. Also bought Eurax from the pharmacist when dd had an itchy viral rash. Failing that, try aloe vera gel. Yy to antihistimine tablets as well.

williwonti Mon 06-Jun-16 22:35:46

I have 2 little men so baths don't occur, jump in shower is best i get. I will try suggestions, thanks. Only thing i am wondering now is if shaving my legs is exacerbating it.....maybe i should start using a proper shave cream,.....will look into that.

JohnCheese Mon 06-Jun-16 22:42:39

Lipikar Baume AP from La Roche Posay. Anti itch, has niacinamide in it. I haven't found anything better for DD's itchy skin.

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 06-Jun-16 22:48:16

Was just about to say Lipikar! Recommended by DD's dermatologist. Nothing better.

Rpj16 Tue 07-Jun-16 01:57:58

Lush dream cream,?

Indecisivejo Tue 07-Jun-16 07:50:54

I get this too! I can only shave using aqueous cream I leave a big tub in shower.
Palmers cocoa butter original one is good and doesn't sting after shaving for me either. When the itching was severe Clinique deep comfort body butter helped.

williwonti Tue 07-Jun-16 11:52:42

Where is best to get Lipikar from?

williwonti Tue 07-Jun-16 13:25:52

Ordered! Thank you

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