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A good blonde shade instead of ash for grey and dark roots

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doublehelpings Mon 06-Jun-16 10:56:56


Any hairdressers out there? Having a full head of highlights tomorrow and fancy a change. Been ashy blonde for a while with toner after highlights. Thought this would be good for my dark and grey roots but not sure if it's making my hair look greyer lately.

Would like to go a bit buttery/honey blonde but not sure how this will work with my roots? Get hair done every 8 weeks and alternate between full and half head and don't really want to change that.

Any ideas or other options before I just ask hairdresser tomorrow.

GarlicSteak Tue 07-Jun-16 04:20:43

Disqualifying myself because I'm not a hairdresser ... I do my own colour and, until recently, used boxes labelled Natural Baby Blonde or Light Baby Blonde. It sounds gruesome, but is a pale neutral blonde that suited my ageing complexion and blended with the grey quite easily. Ash looked dreadful!

To get slightly more technical: Ash, in hair colour terms, means a greenish tint. Skin gains a yellow tinge with age, so it's unsurprising that green-leaning hair makes us look slightly unwell. Pearl and platinum are blue hues, which can be tricky with warm skin shades. Violet tints are more universally flattering and give the sort of neutral blonde I got from my box dyes.

Shades labelled honey contain a surprising amount of red.
The ones called beige are quite yellow. I get on well with them, but they look grim on pale skin.
In short, you do need to discuss with your hairdresser!

Using the L'oreal numbering system, I'd suggest looking at 9 + 9.1 if you want 'natural' blonde, or 9.1 + 10 if you want to look highlighted. Scrutinise the chart!
Remember it will bleach out a bit if you're going to be in the sun.

Have a nice time smile

herecomesthsun Tue 07-Jun-16 04:57:00

I have 8.8, which is darker blonde and the lightest my hairdresser agreed to use. Works well on dark roots and white roots. I also had highlights over a year ago which still lurk in there, the whole thing is multi-toned and I like it like that.

doublehelpings Wed 08-Jun-16 10:47:05

Thanks all! I have quite. Pale/cool skin tone hence hairdresser originally suggested an ash colour. I've gone a bit warmer blonde as of yesterday! Just hoping it doesn't end up looking brassy. I never seem to get the exact colour I want, but after lots of hairdressers and salons over the years, I think it's just down to my hair and dark/grey roots. Current hairdresser didn't use toner this time. Hard to tell until I've washed it a couple of times (which will take a fortnight:-))))))

GarlicSteak Wed 08-Jun-16 16:05:12

Good to hear you've gone a bit warmer. You can always use a violet conditioner if you think it's going brassy.

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