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Sunscreen - help needed!

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shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 08:11:22

I have extremely pale, extremely sensitive skin (thanks genes) and I need a high factor sunscreen. But I'm sick of sticky 'orrible pastes that sit on my skin like a slick of white oil.

Can someone please, please spare me a summer of misery by recommending one that I won't even notice I'm wearing?

Thank you!

cressetmama Mon 06-Jun-16 12:20:12

Biore Watery Essence. Factor 50. High in alcohol though. You can buy it on Amazon. It is the bees knees!

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 12:59:39

Thank you so much!!

uggmum Mon 06-Jun-16 13:02:55

I bought some Australian Gold Gel from Amazon and I think it's great. Really effective and it doesn't feel like your wearing suncream.

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 13:09:33

Did you get the one with instant bronzer? What is it like?

I am worried about looking like a streaky carrot.

TheSpottedZebra Mon 06-Jun-16 13:16:55

Me too, Shove ! So I read on here about the Biore one, and also the Hada Labo one and I have them both. They're excellent. Apply well, not greasy, no white cast, don't make me spotty etc etc.ap And they work. The only downsides for me are that they can take a while to arrive (although there are possibly faster sellers), and they do contain alcohol, so if you're sensitive to that it could be not so good.

I've tried and rejected, La Roche Posay, Vichy, Clinique, Boots no7, Superdrug, ultrasun, nivea...Quite a few.

CMOTDibbler Mon 06-Jun-16 13:18:50

I burn very easily, and use Sunsense daily which is really nice. For more of a bb cream, I use the La Roche Posay tinted anti helios, but will try Ultrasun when that runs out

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 13:22:53

Zebra!!!! Thank you so much. I really appreciate your advice as you're clearly out a lot in the allotment too! I currently have this M&S 'active' one which is like wearing a mixture of wallpaper paste and undercoat.

If I wear the ones that leave white on your skin, people stop and ask me if I am OK. I look dead. So much so that when I was in China, a group of little children ran away screaming 'THE GHOST GIRL!' sad

nothingwittyhere Mon 06-Jun-16 13:23:24

I recommended the Body Shop's "Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50" on another thread. I've never tried the Korean sunscreens but I suspect this is based on the same principles. It looks like a light lotion but goes on like water, leaving my skin very smooth and not shiny. It's £16.

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 13:24:05

I have read good things about Sunsense. But I don't know what a BB cream is. Will it clog up my skin??

CMOTDibbler Mon 06-Jun-16 13:31:32

A BB looks like a tinted moisturiser - a light foundation sort of thing. Doesn't clog my skin up

wonkylegs Mon 06-Jun-16 13:35:15

I'm very very pale and sun sensitive due to meds and wear this clear spray
I like it because it's not greasy and I don't have that ghostly look all year.

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 13:37:44

Thank you all so, so much! I'm definitely going to try a few of these out.

And HOORAY for all us pale 'uns! I feel like we should have some kind of Mumsnet clubhouse/support group. grin

AuntieMaggie Mon 06-Jun-16 14:00:44

Don't bother with the clinique city block -they told me not to stay in the sun with it. I've got a list of one's to try when I next go shopping that are recommended on various threads on here as I prefer that to ordering it online and it being no good.

wigglybeezer Mon 06-Jun-16 14:10:43

I quite like cityblock, I have the factor 40 one, which I wear everyday ' cos it works with my rosacea as disguise and prevention, haven't tested it on a beach holiday. We are big fans of the Amber Solaire clear protect 50, have used it for years on my red headed children ( and DH's baldy head!) but invested in Ultrasun sports formula when very ginger DS1 went on a water sports trip to the south of France in July with school when he was 13 as it was apply once a day and very water resistant. It definitely worked very well but did stain his clothes.

wigglybeezer Mon 06-Jun-16 14:13:08

Oh, the clear protect does sting the eyes something awful if you start to sweat and I have stopped using it on my face.

LittleHoHum Mon 06-Jun-16 14:17:15

This sun cream is really good and also comes in a roll on.

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 14:22:44

I've really struggled with some SPF face creams in the past- got one from Aldi in a red pot, which was a lovely cream but the tiniest amount in my eye would make it water for hour upon irritating hour. I think it must have been the SPF because I was fine with the night cream. So I need to avoid things that are harsh on the eyes too, and might avoid the clear protect.

I find Clinique of any kind doesn't work well with my skin. sad

TheSpottedZebra Mon 06-Jun-16 14:50:30

Ghost Girl? Yikes! I am indeed very, very pale. So tinted things (other than the palest in a few ranges of makeup), are usually out of the question for me. And you'd think that I couldn't get much paler, but then I apply LRP Anthelios or similar, and it seems I CAN and do go paler! Especially as I go red in the sun. Or, when I blush. Yes, I am blessed.

I am really liking the Korean and Japanese sunscreens, but there is also a Neutrogena one in the US that is meant to be good too, so I've added it to my to-do list. I'd def try an Asian one - they're normally 7 quid ish, bit delivery times can be long, and there is that alcohol issue...

shovetheholly Mon 06-Jun-16 15:11:54

I am a fellow sufferer Zebra. I can't wear a swimming costume on the beach abroad for fear of blinding innocent passers by. Even though I'm outside a LOT I never really tan (the colour I go makes a rich tea biscuit look positively bronzed). The only change is when I exercise, when I approximate the shade of a flustered beetroot within 20 seconds.

I spent my teenage years cursing my genes and generally spending an hour each day slapping on enough fake tan to paint a small house a fetching shade of 1980s Laura Ashley peach (the only result was to make me look tide-marked and rather dirty). I've since resigned myself to being this pale, though I don't feel I've ever really got to grips with it - either in skincare terms, or in terms of the colours I should or shouldn't wear. But I don't really know where to start with all that either.

AuntieMaggie Wed 08-Jun-16 12:47:37

I emailed la roche Posay to ask about samples as I can't seem to find a tester anywhere for the one I want and don't want to waste money on something that may not be right especially as I've had reactions to some suncream in the past... they don't do samples but if i to go to my gp i can get it on prescription?!

Sunsense were lovely and sent me loads of samples last year by the way when I emailed them...

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