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best colour of polish for summer pedi please

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herecomesmytrain Mon 06-Jun-16 07:53:04

I can't do pale colours as they just look awful against my pale skintone, and although my preference is always for dark greys, I do feel I need to brighten up a bit in summer.

What are the classy / stylish colours for summer toes?

Justnapping Mon 06-Jun-16 08:30:53


2ManySweets Mon 06-Jun-16 08:32:53

I swear the best pedi colour for summer is bright bright orange! The almost fluoro tone is so complimentary and brings out a tan. It also doesn't make feet/toes look "dirty" like I find pale milky colours do.

Go for it!

Chimerah Mon 06-Jun-16 08:37:58

I second coral!

MildlyattractiveBetty Mon 06-Jun-16 08:43:10

I normally have bright colours but also need inspiration!

EatShitDerek Mon 06-Jun-16 08:48:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

herecomesmytrain Mon 06-Jun-16 09:01:02

So coral then? wink

That gelish colour is fab but I think it's too bright for me. I'm truly milk bottle white with no hint of a tan.

I've tried a bright pink which isn't too bad, but was thinking maybe something reddish....?

DameXanaduBramble Mon 06-Jun-16 09:03:46

Revlon cherries in the snow, a deep beautiful cherry red. bright reddy orange, corals are hard, I suit true corals, not those milky ones.

DameXanaduBramble Mon 06-Jun-16 09:05:28

Nails inc Notting hill is fabulous on toes in summer too. It's a bit fluorescent which isn't normally me at all, but it's softer.

JackandDiane Mon 06-Jun-16 09:08:33

no no
Go for baby coloured pastels - was in Sunday times up list the week I had it done!

it looks brilliant - i have pale pink. EVery woman on every till raves about it ( nails and toes match)

LillyVonSchtupp Mon 06-Jun-16 09:09:08

You could try Essie Watermelon?

It's a gorgeous bright pinky red. Perfect for summer imo.

LillyVonSchtupp Mon 06-Jun-16 09:10:08

I hate pale/pastels full stop. And grey/taupe shades too.

They just look shite on us pale people.

DameXanaduBramble Mon 06-Jun-16 09:12:46

Wow, love watermelon! Great colour.

JackandDiane Mon 06-Jun-16 09:15:07

oh fair point re pale

EatShitDerek Mon 06-Jun-16 09:15:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JackandDiane Mon 06-Jun-16 09:15:57

there is a chanel shade called Holiday you can dupe if you fancy coral

MiffleTheIntrovert Mon 06-Jun-16 09:18:42

I am so pale I reflect light. I wear sunscreen so remain pale with no tan at all in Summer. I actually find dark colours like purple or dark red look best against the whiteness.

Be careful not to accentuate any blue skin tinge grin

MiffleTheIntrovert Mon 06-Jun-16 09:20:24

My post isn't really in the spirit of Summer, is it? winksmile

I'm a winter person, myself.

Lottapianos Mon 06-Jun-16 09:34:22

'I actually find dark colours like purple or dark red look best '

Very much agree, as a fellow pale skinned person. I'm wearing a very dark plum today (Essie Luxedo) on my toes, I like the contrast of dark glossy nails and pale skin, I think it looks quite glam

Also a fan of coral though smile

LongChalk Mon 06-Jun-16 10:54:18

Coral and orange colours just don't suit people like me who are milk bottle white. There is never ever even a 'hint' of tan ever.

P1nkP0ppy Mon 06-Jun-16 10:57:45

Maybelline Skyline Blue, dark with sparkly bits, looks fabulous on pale skin or tanned.

MachiKoro Mon 06-Jun-16 11:05:33

I think an emerald green would look good (am v pale too, though it usually wear hot pink, or a sparkly gold (chanel pimpant and Bengal).
Shimmery emerald is something I'm looking for this year. But I am hideously unfashionable.

herecomesmytrain Mon 06-Jun-16 11:07:38

I'd love to try blue but suspect I'd end up channeling "hint of corpse" rather than looking stylish.

Like the idea of darker purples and reds. I think I'll give that a go. Pretty sure I used to have that revlon cherry colour once upon a time.

And miffle I totally agree; I'm so much happier in winter. I'm definitely a cold weather person. Sun just confuses me!

LBOCS2 Mon 06-Jun-16 11:10:28

I had green but with pale blue skin you end up channelling a bit of a corpse like effect.

I'm going to third (fifth?!) coral. Barry M coral, lasts well, is cheap and is a fab colour.

Lottapianos Mon 06-Jun-16 17:17:10

I think coral actually looks better on pale skin than it does with a tan. You need a good bright juicy coral though, not a wishy washy one. OPI Cajun Shrimp, Rimmel Happily Evie After and Rimmel Hip Hop are good ones

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