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Not too false looking eyelashes - Advice please?

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fabulousathome Sun 05-Jun-16 18:21:40

Hi, I am in my mid 50s and my eyelashes are not looking luxuriant. My lashes are also slightly better on one eye than the other.

I bought pair of Eyelure false eyelashes (No 101 I think) to try but although I managed to get them on (thank you Youtube) they looked much too long and full and rather ridiculous. I blended them in with mascara and eyeliner but that made them even more dominant!

As a complete novice to the world of false eyelashes and a contact lens wearer (I don't know if that makes a difference), should I try a different brand, style, or how about those packets of individual lashes? Are they difficult to use?

I don't want to have semi permanent ones done in a salon as I don't fancy anyone mucking about near my eyes (except me).

Any advice from experienced eyelash wearers? I don't really know where to start (unfortunately I've just thrown £5 or so into the bin in pure frustration).

Perhaps there is even a make-up brand that sells eyelashes that might have a counter with knowledgeable staff I can go and talk to? I live in London. I'm probably only going to wear them occasionally (once a fortnight).

I would really value some pointers. How do you know what to choose?

Liiinooo Sun 05-Jun-16 22:59:41

Try rescuing the lashes from the bin, cutting the longer end off and just stick what remains to the outer corners of your eye. It will open them up and give a glamorous groomed look but won't give the heavy appearance that you get wearing them along the full width of your eye.

If you cannot salvage them try Ardell Demi Wispies available at Boots and Amazon. I find them more natural than Eyelure. Again, trim the longer ends and just apply to the outer corners.

dreamerlemur Sun 05-Jun-16 23:36:11

I know you said you don't want anyone working on your eyes but I would have to recommend individual lashes stuck on - semi permanent as I had this done and they lasted weeks. I find the diy lashes difficult.

theclick Sun 05-Jun-16 23:50:33

There is a brand called KISS which I believe is stocked in boots which are v natural.

theclick Sun 05-Jun-16 23:51:35

By the way I would rather than go straight to lashes also try to build your own by brushing on castor oil daily. It does work (also on eyebrows!)

EnidButton Mon 06-Jun-16 05:45:20

I know you've asked about falsies but Rapidlash eyelash serum is amazingly good at growing your own lasted longer. It's about £40 from Boots and you have to apply it religiously every night for about 5 weeks before you see a real difference. It's really good.

EnidButton Mon 06-Jun-16 05:46:56

Lasted = lashes

I've used the new formula btw and it's just as good as the old version.

fabulousathome Tue 07-Jun-16 01:14:10

Ooh thank you. I like the idea of the bin rescue and will look into the other suggestions.

goodtimesroll Tue 07-Jun-16 11:03:09

You could try individual lashes for a more natural look. These mught also be a better option as your lashes are thicker on one eye - you can choose where you put them to fill in any gaps. Use tweezers to put in place, and I would recommend Duo eyelash glue rather than the one which comes with the lashes.

You can get Duo which dries clear or also in black.

goodtimesroll Tue 07-Jun-16 11:04:23


fabulousathome Tue 07-Jun-16 12:21:59

Thanks Goodtimesroll.

Liiinooo Tue 07-Jun-16 13:41:30

Another vote for the Duo glue, leave it for 20-30 seconds to go a bit tacky before applying.

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