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Anyone used Bodyglide for chub rub?

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ForeverDolphinLove Sun 05-Jun-16 16:05:32

Sorry i wasn't sure which section to put this in!

Due to go on holiday somewhere hot next week and I'm worried about the dreaded chub rub. I've lost 3st but I still get it just as bad as before angry

I'm just about to order some Bodyglide stuff but wanted some opinions first. Does anyone use this? I want something which is guaranteed to work for me because I won't be able to get something alternative once we are away. Trying to avoid 'comfort shorts' because it will be so hot and I really don't want any extra layers.

rubybleu Sun 05-Jun-16 16:11:43

Haven't used it for chub rub but it worked a treat avoiding chafing on my bra strap/arm pits/waistband when I ran a marathon recently.

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