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Very poor experience in Uniqlo - what would you do?

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Thecazelets Sun 05-Jun-16 12:29:18

Just wondering what others would do? I took a faulty dress back there yesterday with the full price receipt from when I bought it 2 weeks ago. They only gave me the current sale price back although the item was clearly faulty and I had the full receipt. Also refused to refund an unworn dress with the labels still attached which I bought at the same time as they insisted I'd worn it. I really, really hadn't (why would I?!) and I got very cross and upset in the shop - it was so awful and embarrassing. Now not sure what to do - have emailed the Uniqlo customer helpline with photos of the receipts but got no response so far, not even an acknowledgment. Total sums of money involved are not huge (I am £15 down on the faulty dress - the sleeve ripped when I lifted my arm up the first time I wore it) but it's the principle of the thing. The unworn dress is the same design in a different colour. I am in theory happy to keep it but of course wary of the same thing happening. I know they don't have to take unwanted goods back but I was made to feel as though I was a liar trying to scam them out of money.

Grrr. Any advice/experiences? Should I just write it off to experience and never shop there again? Happy to move this elsewhere if in wrong place btw.

libertydoddle Sun 05-Jun-16 12:48:47

I am really surprised about this, IME Uniqlo CS is generally very good. They should have refunded the price you paid. I wonder if the person knew what they were doing. I did some returns at Uniqlo and the till came up with the reduced price but the SA over rode it to give me back what I paid.

The wearing thing is tricky. Did the garment have deodorant stains or make up from trying on?

Thecazelets Sun 05-Jun-16 13:01:06

Yes, I was so shocked and surprised - half my wardrobe is from there and never had a problem before. A shame because I do like the stuff and frequently pop in for bits and pieces for the dcs or me.

They said there were deodorant marks on it - I cdn't see anything but if there were they didn't come from me (TMI but I use Perspirex so no staining issues, ever!) Possible that it was from being tried on by someone in the shop I suppose - I didn't check closely when I bought it as I just tried on one and grabbed the second one in a different colour, something I often do in there.

Trouble is I have a short fuse and got cross very quickly, so that didn't help, but I was so amazed and affronted at the attitude.

I will see if I get any joy from their helpme email address about the £15. Sadly I think I will no longer be buying for me or the dcs from there.

BoeingBoeingGone Sun 05-Jun-16 13:28:04

Tweet something. They respond very quickly.

Thecazelets Sun 05-Jun-16 13:32:39

Not sure how to do that - only just about on Twitter! But I will have a look later. Going out now to try and enjoy the sunshine (irinically wearing a Uniqlo dress!) Thanks for responses!

LadyAntonella Sun 05-Jun-16 16:20:58

Do they have a phone number? I've phoned helplines before if I've had poor customer service and I think they tend to be more helpful than when I email.

TSSDNCOP Sun 05-Jun-16 18:57:13

I doubt CS would be operating on a weekend, so I'd expect a reply Monday.

The faulty item with full receipt, they should have refunded you the amount you paid.

The exchange item is bullshit, anyone could put deodorant marks in an item whilst trying it on. Worst case they should have exchanged or given credit.

I too have a short fuse when confronted with abject unhelpfulness and stupidity.

Compare to Hobbs Bluewater. Returned a worn jacket, no recipe with a split seam. New jacket sourced, called to advise it had arrived, handed over wrapped with no quibble at all and in turn earned a cast iron loyal customer.

Thecazelets Sun 05-Jun-16 19:40:23

Yes, I was absolutely astonished. It was like going back in time - most companies these days are keener to earn your loyalty than score a minor point over you. And I genuinely was a very happy repeat customer until this. I am normally very mild-mannered but this kind of thing does make me foam at the mouth a bit. Still no response to my email but I'll wait until tomorrow morning and then decide what to do. Clearly they are wrong about refunding sale price when I had the full price receipt. (And I did not wear the other sodding dress!)

ggirl Sun 05-Jun-16 19:49:05

I would second the advice to tweet them , it usually gets their attention .

Thecazelets Sun 05-Jun-16 20:03:31

Yes, you're right. They seem totally unmoved by email! (In complete contrast customer service-wise I have been misreading (over estimating) my electricity meter for months (old fashioned dials which I struggle to read clearly.) Realised this morning, emailed Ovo a photo and they got back within the hour to say yes, they agree with my new reading and will adjust the bill in my favour. I know it's a totally different business but still - that's how goodwill and customer service works!

dragonsarebest Sun 05-Jun-16 22:41:22

I'm really surprised by this too, it sounds like the person who served you didn't really know what they were doing - with the receipt you refund price paid , end of! Sorry you're in this situation and yes tweet them. Best way to get replies from everywhere these days I think. Good luck.

MackerelOfFact Mon 06-Jun-16 10:23:51

It sounds more like a clueless assistant than store policy. I'd try again another time or at another store and see if they say the same thing.

I had similar in H Samuel who tried to tell me I couldn't exchange an item with a gift receipt unless I had the original card it was paid for with. I just went along to the next store (luckily there are two in Stratford) who happily let me do exactly that, no questions asked. So it's probably just a dopey member of staff.

Thecazelets Mon 06-Jun-16 11:37:06

Possibly, but the store manager was the one who insisted I'd worn the other dress! No response yet. Just seen that someone else has tweeted this thread to them though - thank you to whoever that was! I really hope they see sense as I would quite like to keep buying stuff there really! smile

Thecazelets Thu 09-Jun-16 18:01:41

Well they finally came back to me after 5 days. They'll give me my £15 back but still insisting I wore the other dress. Sigh. What a storm in a tea cup. Totally bored of it now. Just won't buy from Uniqlo ever again.

On a brighter note have just ordered 2 summer frocks from Boden, who definitely do 'get' customer service in my experience.

Thecazelets Sun 10-Jul-16 23:22:29

Sorry to revive this old chestnut but - I wore the other dress on Friday at work, and it ripped in exactly the same way, on both arms this time. One of them ripped as I lifted my arm to fasten my seatbelt! Clearly a design fault. So cheesed off as I can't face trying to get my money back from them. I'm not wearing the wrong size, fits perfectly in every way, if anything actually bit large round the waist and bust.

So £40 down the drain. Not a huge amount but too much to pay for less than one day's wear. I absolutely hate Uniqlo after this. Truly crappy cutomer service.

puglife15 Mon 11-Jul-16 11:01:10

That's rubbish. Is the dress still on their site? Please link to it do no one else buys it.

I think it's worth emailing them again. You deserve your money back.

IsItGinTimeYet Mon 11-Jul-16 13:08:37

Bloody ridiculous. I would take it back again!

Thecazelets Mon 11-Jul-16 14:59:29

Thanks - makes me feel better just to have some sympathy! It's this - I had it in navy and black. Not surprised it's now down to £15! Beware....

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