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help with my face!

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Bonnie152 Sun 05-Jun-16 07:26:41

I don't know if it's summer coming but I've recently been quite bothered by my face!

My skin marks very easily so every time I have a spot it leaves a red mark. As a result my chin and cheeks have red marks on them which I find quite tricky to cover with makeup.

I've also got melasma pigmentation by my eyes which I developed in pregnancy and they kindly never went.

Is there any lotions or potions to help with both the acne spot marks and pigmentation? I'm willing to spend up to £30 if it's really good. Any tips would be greatly appreciated - I want to bare my face again without having to be so self conscious!

Shop Sun 05-Jun-16 08:52:46

I have/had both these issues.

I have to use SPF every day (you should anyway really) as any bit of sun makes it come back.

Mine has faded with use of glycolics. My favourites are Bravura night cream and their 10% glycolic. I also like liquid gold.

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