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need a beauty update!

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Geegee4 Sat 04-Jun-16 22:40:50

I haven't bought new make up for some time, seriously out of the habit of wearing it...I've gone back to my natural dark brown hair colour and realised that perhaps all my blonde makeup needs updating.

Any suggestions on how to work out what looks best (mainly thinking eyeshadow and lipstick). Should I just head to a beauty counter- which brand? I'm a very tired 40 yr old mum of two with a fairly english rose-y kind of look if that matters....

CarpetDiem Sun 05-Jun-16 01:43:25

Rosey cheeks usually indicates cool toned skin, with dark hair you can try stronger cool colours. If you are on Facebook search 'Mrs Gloss & the Goss' and join that, lts got some really good tips, but be warned, can be full of some who've spent hours putting make up on pulling duck faces for complements hmm.
I think you should hit the counters also.
I prefer Estée Lauder, usually very experienced staff who seem to know what they're talking about. They do complementary makeovers & Double wear foundation is fab.
I like MAC lipsticks, but I have found the staff hit & miss, ok I suppose if you like the fully 'baked' on contoured look. You pay for their makeovers but it's redeemable against purchases. Try Ruby Woo for a red, Velvet Teddy for nude.
Go to urban decay for eye shadows, or check out Superdrug Revolution for decent dupes when you know your ideal colours. Eye colour should be taken into account with shadows too.
Have fun & experiment a bit- it washes off!

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