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Sports Direct exchange query

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PossumCreek Sat 04-Jun-16 20:00:34

I bought some trainers for ds at the beginning of May in Sports Direct. What with one thing and another, they have sat indoors in the box. Anyway they aren't suitable, so I want to return them. Apparently returns must be within 28 days. I bought them 31 days ago. I have the receipt. I am happy with a credit note.

The till staff aren't allowed any discretion are they? I'm stuck aren't I? sad

fiorentina Sat 04-Jun-16 20:36:19

Give it a go. But I would warn you I had a nightmare with returns even when item was faulty. They are a bit of a nightmare..

DaleMaily Sun 05-Jun-16 12:23:43

Best of luck. They sent me the wrong item but I still couldn't get a refund. They are crap.

PossumCreek Sun 05-Jun-16 21:48:32

Thanks fiorentina and DaleMaily.

I think I will see if anyone in the family will have them. If not, I'm going to have to make the trip!

RaisingSteam Mon 06-Jun-16 00:01:01

You won't get a refund for anything at SD but you may well get an exchange or credit. You could always ring the store and check. TBH after school uniform, Sports Direct is the biggest single spend for my two DS's clothes (I wish it was otherwise but they are relentlessly drawn to polyester sportswear) so there would always be another pair of football boots or tracksuit bottoms in the near future to spend it on.

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