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Leather Leggings

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HoundoftheBaskervilles Sat 04-Jun-16 02:00:24

I've lusted after a pair for years, yey or ney? Will I wear them or will they languish in the back of my wardrobe forever?

Iris and Ink?

HoundoftheBaskervilles Sat 04-Jun-16 02:32:44

I've bought them anyway. We shall see.

shirkingworking Sat 04-Jun-16 06:32:11

I bought some a few months ago after wanting some for ages. Love them! Fab going out trousers. Enjoy!

coveredinhopeandvaseline Sat 04-Jun-16 06:40:25

I have a beautiful pair of Autograph ones...admittedly I've not worn them as I am a heifer need to lose a bit of weight.
Leather leggings are so chic...dressed up or down, they just look cool.

YaySirNaySir Sat 04-Jun-16 07:23:18

Yay from me

Nettletheelf Sat 04-Jun-16 07:57:13

Yay. I wear mine loads (not in summer).

HoundoftheBaskervilles Mon 06-Jun-16 02:20:53

Brilliant, thanks, I'm going for it!

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