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Help - what to wear clubbing post 40?

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whojamaflip Fri 03-Jun-16 22:30:36

Been invited to a hen do - plan is dinner followed by clubbing in a major city. I have absolutely no idea what to wear! confused

I'm 42, size 12 and haven't seen the inside of a club since I was at uni - wtf do I wear? It's going to be in October if that makes any difference?

thenightsky Fri 03-Jun-16 22:37:02

skinny black jeans with a decent top that has been chosen for you by a trusted teen/20-something? Plus heels.

Seriously though... God only knows grin

whojamaflip Fri 03-Jun-16 22:40:36

Skinny black jeans and heels I can do - tops I have always had a problem with confused

Seriously you are asking me to trust a teen / 20 something? shock I really don't want to look like mutton grin

Glitteryfrog Fri 03-Jun-16 22:44:57

Clubbing or dancing in a bar which happens to have a dance floor.
Very different things.

whojamaflip Fri 03-Jun-16 23:00:43

Clubbing apparently as in going onto a club after dinner.........

wiltingfast Fri 03-Jun-16 23:12:44

I've worn this out clubbing and am post 40 grin

Do you plan to dance? Do you normally wear heels? You could wear boots, I tend to wear skater type shoes if I'm really going dancing... Will be wearing these tomorrow night .

Kazplus2 Sat 04-Jun-16 09:42:06

Sti k with the black skinnier and heels and then go into somewhere like Zara, river island, warehouse etc and choose a top. Look for an assistant that you think is dressed well and ask for their advice in choosing between a few options.

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