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land girl fancy dress

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Norky1975 Fri 03-Jun-16 10:40:52

All the costumes are so expensive!!!! Anyone have one they want to sell? Dint have time to look in charity shops - or does someone know where I can get one cheaply? Thanks xxxx

DianaT1969 Fri 03-Jun-16 10:42:31

LindyBop aren't expensive.

PerspicaciaTick Fri 03-Jun-16 10:48:55

I would have thought that raiding charity shops would be your best bet. Mens tweedy or cord trousers with a belt, wellies, shirt and tank top or maybe a short-sleeved jumper (all firmly tucked in). Hair tied with scarf.

MadSprocker Fri 03-Jun-16 16:39:17

I did this. You need a plain shirt, dungarees, scarf for your hair, and a v neck jumper if cold. I got the items apart from the jumper from a really cheap site. The dungarees were supposed to be size 12, but more like a 10. And the shirt is a better size 12. I would happily send if you paid me postage.

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