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Can anyone suggest a top to go with this skirt?

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PalacePalacePalace Thu 02-Jun-16 21:32:23

I really like the blue top it's been paired with in the photo - but I definitely need longer sleeves and to be able to wear a bra with straps. In a size 18.

Anyone seen anything that might do the job?


I think you just need something very simple that's bang on for colour. I'd buy the skirt and then take it to a big department store/mall to find something in exactly the right shade.

Gwynfluff Thu 02-Jun-16 21:42:28

Helena top from Hobbs?

Several blues but not all sizes left and you might not want jersey

Gwynfluff Thu 02-Jun-16 22:02:30

N0tfinished Fri 03-Jun-16 14:21:50

Did you buy in store or online? I tried some coast skirts recently & found the sizing very inconsistent...

DontKillMyVibe Fri 03-Jun-16 19:27:59

I would go for a simple navy top like they have in one of the pics. Alternatively, I don't like the style of the silver top they've shown, but the colour goes surprisingly well.

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