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Chino trousers to fit muscular calves

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Drinksforeveryone Thu 02-Jun-16 17:52:00

I am looking for some chino type trousers which will fit my chunky/muscly calves. I have tried various brands on - and seemingly none will pull up over my lower legs.

I live in jeans - which fit me fine - especially if they have a lot of lycra! However have started a new job and need to look slightly better dressed.

Tried on some chino type trousers in M & S - they weren't too bad a fit over my calves - had some stretch. I just wondered if there was a 'go to' brand which I could try.

Am a size 14. Oh, late forties too, so don't have to worry about being too on trend, just don't want to look frumpy.


leedy Thu 02-Jun-16 18:15:39

Gap "girlfriend" chinos are fairly loose in the legs. I have, er, "sturdy" legs and they're fine on me.

Drinksforeveryone Thu 02-Jun-16 18:28:54

Thanks. Will have a look.

I did try some in Gap last summer - but they were a different style. Couldn't get the buggers on anyway.

Fingers crossed these are looser.

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