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Would you let your dd get her eyelashes tinted?

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IAmTheBFG Thu 02-Jun-16 07:56:49

My dd is 15 and will be going on a long trip with school next February to South America for nine days.My daughter is very fair and has almost translucent eyelashes, therefore she has asked me if I would let her get her eyelashes tinted, because during these nine days they will be doing an awful lot of water-based activities so mascara will just smudge. Would you let her?

YvaineStormhold Thu 02-Jun-16 07:57:55

Yep. Costs about a tenner, stings a bit, but so worth it.

Might have mine done again actually...

DawgDawg Thu 02-Jun-16 07:59:34

Yes. No problem at all. Its good that she has asked you.

I buy the dye etc from our local beauty supplier and do it myself. It costs me about £10 a year.

navylily Thu 02-Jun-16 08:00:08

I can't see why not really. It's just a semi permanent form of make up. I'd remind her that she looks fine without and people will not care while they're doing their activities, but if she still wants to I wouldn't stop her

Jelliedeels Thu 02-Jun-16 08:00:20

100% yes. It will give her confidence. I hate not having mascara on my eyelashes are also so fair.

AnnaMarlowe Thu 02-Jun-16 08:01:03

At 15? Yes, probably.

Sounds like a wonderful trip.

hollieberrie Thu 02-Jun-16 08:01:20

At 15 yes definitely. I'm very blonde and it makes a world of difference to my stubby pale lashes! Hope she enjoys her trip.

DawgDawg Thu 02-Jun-16 08:03:38

I just had a quick look, I pay £5 for the tube of dye & £3 for a bottle of developer, that lasts all year. Plus a bowl & small brush.

I use Blue/Black as it looks darker on me.

MrsJayy Thu 02-Jun-16 08:06:34

At 15 probably if they asked bet it stings though

MrsJayy Thu 02-Jun-16 08:07:32

Does mascara not do the same thing ?

Jelliedeels Thu 02-Jun-16 08:12:55

Mrsjayy- not semi permanent so if you are in and out of water it won't wash off.

Lolimax Thu 02-Jun-16 08:16:08

Oh yes let her. I have very fair eyelashes and although use a really good waterproof mascara (Lancôme has saved my life!) at her age getting them tinted is a really good idea. It might sting but it'll be worth it.

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Thu 02-Jun-16 08:16:17

Yes I would, at 15. Just warn her that it can be stingy and the beautician may wish to do a small patch test a couple of days before.

LadyAntonella Thu 02-Jun-16 08:16:45

At 15 yes. I had mine done at about 16/17 I think and my eyebrows. It looked a hell of a lot better than my smudgy mascara (which I insisted on wearing all day at school - and yes I was still at school at 17). smile

MrsJayy Thu 02-Jun-16 08:16:57

Oh yeah saves the faff I suppose.

FinallyHere Thu 02-Jun-16 08:21:24

Absolutely, I'd go for it.

It only stings if the dye/developer actually gets in your eye. If you find someone who knows what they are doing, and doesn't get it in your eye, no stinging. HTH.

RaeSkywalker Thu 02-Jun-16 08:29:39

I had it done for the first time at 13 (no makeup rule at school, I was very fair, my mum suggested it actually!)

I find it only stings if dye goes on your eyes, which has happened to me twice in 13 years. Does really really sting though!!

Please get it done at a salon rather than letting her do it herself.

DerelictMyBalls Thu 02-Jun-16 08:49:04

At 15 it wouldn't even have crossed my mind to ask permission from my parents for things like this. Yes, let her!

LadyAntonella Thu 02-Jun-16 08:52:27

We had a no make-up rule at school too rae - I just ignored it. Public enemy number one me! grin

Hulababy Thu 02-Jun-16 09:07:29

Yes I'd let her but would pay to take her to a salon type place to have it done properly, not want her to do it at home.

MrsJayy Thu 02-Jun-16 09:10:01

Yeah our local place it is a tenner to get it done she is as well to go to a salon

RaeSkywalker Thu 02-Jun-16 10:44:07

You rebel Lady grin

I used to put concealer under my eyes but anything like mascara would've been spotted and removed. I think they made exceptions for the girls with bad acne wearing foundation, as they should.

AyeAmarok Thu 02-Jun-16 10:58:24

Definitely. It's great. You can buy a DIY kit in Boots for a tenner. There's enough in ot to last all year or more.

It's really good.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 02-Jun-16 11:55:13

Yes but make sure you test first in case of a reaction. I used to do mine with Coloursport.

Sidge Thu 02-Jun-16 12:46:55

Yes I would.

I started having mine done at 16, and still have it done monthly nearly 30 years later.

I recommend getting it done properly in a salon though, doing it home isn't easy and IMO if you have very fair lashes doesn't look as good as you can't get right up to the lash line.

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