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What do I put on my feet?!

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InternalMonologue Wed 01-Jun-16 21:51:39

I need to get new shoes, in general. Since DS(3) was born I've basically lived in trainers (summer/dry days) or boots (winter/cold days) or wellies. As in I have one pair of each, and wear them until they die a horrible, manky, death. I walk quite a bit - 3 miles a day at the least.

So basically - what can I get that is comfy for walking in/won't destroy my feet, but looks cool? I'm 26 (if that makes any difference). My usual "uniform" is skinny jeans (rolled up, because summer) in a light denim wash or light grey, with neutral coloured plain or striped oversized t-shirts and either a khaki army style jacket or my bright yellow raincoat. Current trainers are a pair of black/blue Nike running trainers or navy Converse.

Can anyone help? Ideally not spending more than £50?

treeagate Wed 01-Jun-16 21:59:53

Following this one ! I live in converse/ Birkenstocks but long for something more girly and comfortable. 2 days of shoe shopping and all I've seen is either agony or for people aged 70+

Chocolate1985 Wed 01-Jun-16 23:20:44

Superega? I have a lovely white leather pair I got for £50 and they are so comfy and go with all my skinny jeans plus they look nice ! They currently sell a lace pair which look really good for the summer .

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