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I'm going for a no-spend Summer - anyone else?

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Lottapianos Wed 01-Jun-16 12:43:32

I stocked up last month on skincare and make up basics. I'm going to the Body Shop today for shower gel and hair stuff (40% off!) I have plenty of clothes and footwear. So for the next 3 months - no more shopping! I'll replace stuff that runs out (like body lotion etc) but nothing else

The plan is:
No more S&B spending until August bank holiday at the earliest
A good wardrobe and make up clear out at end of August
Make a plan and a list for what I actually need to buy for Autumn/Winter
Use Boots points (should be about £40) to buy some nice new make up for the new season

And most importantly - enjoy the S&B stuff that I currently have instead of planning what I would like to buy next grin

Anyone else tempted?

Absolutelynothingelse Wed 01-Jun-16 12:47:49

Having recently stocked up on everything I could possibly need.
I'm with you. I plan on using up everything I have which should last till September.

Saying that if M&S have a 20% off sale in that time I will be restocking on my two favourite products to use over winter.

Lottapianos Wed 01-Jun-16 13:18:52

Good stuff Absolutely grin. Buying stuff if there is another M&S 20% off would just be good sense!

Pisssssedofff Wed 01-Jun-16 13:32:42

So the pair of you have failed already then 😂

Lottapianos Wed 01-Jun-16 13:34:51

How have we failed? And will you be joining us???

Pisssssedofff Wed 01-Jun-16 13:36:10

You're mentally planning to spend the moment a 20% off offer comes along.
I personally know it's impossible for me, I wouldn't even attempt it

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