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Using boxed hair dye

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Unthoughtknown Wed 01-Jun-16 09:58:36

I normally have bleach only highlights in the hairdressers every three months. I need to get it done again but don't really have the money or time to go before holidays. I was wondering if using a blonde box dye would be a stupid idea and if not which brand would be best? Pic of roots attached.

lisaneedsarest Wed 01-Jun-16 10:03:03

Don't do it! From the picture my hair looks a very similar colour to yours, I cut it short and thought I'd dye it all over I stars of having highlights to save money and for a bit of a different look. I picked lightest ash blonde (which I've used in the past) and it went yellow, I did it again with another ash blonde and no difference. My hairdresser and friend said she sees so many people in the same boat and that box dyes are every hairdressers worst nightmare, they never ever come out the colour on the box and blondes are the worst.

I'm now trying to grow out my mistake!

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