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what Nip Fab range shall I try?

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Datingbarb Tue 31-May-16 22:44:38

Looking to add a acid tone to my routine,

Happy with cleanser ultra bland, coconut oil or a una Brennan oil for deep cleanse followed but cetaphil after but think I need something more

Skin is little dry and dehydrated though this has improved a lot, still get odd flaky patches with makeup and blackhead

What nip fab products do I need dragon blood or something else?

Nabootique Wed 01-Jun-16 07:23:11

Glycolic is better for flaky patches, salicylic is better for blackheads. The extreme night pads have both and less alcohol than the other glycolic ones so I'd recommend those. Start with a couple of nights a week and see how you go.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Wed 01-Jun-16 07:24:53

The Dragon's Blood ones made the edges of my mouth all dry and cracked, and one side bled.

The Glycolic ones are ace though.

Absolutelynothingelse Wed 01-Jun-16 12:44:41

I prefer pixi glow tonic to any of the nip and fab products.

DerelictMyBalls Wed 01-Jun-16 12:53:11

I alternate between the Dragons Blood ones (for congestion), the Extreme Glycolic ones (for smoothing) and the normal glycolic ones for when I want something a bit lighter. Absolutely love this range!

LillyVonSchtupp Wed 01-Jun-16 12:54:44

The Glycolic pads and the cleanser are ace.

I was meh about the Dragons blood. The strong scent put me off I think.

Pixi Glow Tonic wrecked my poor face.

Absolutelynothingelse Wed 01-Jun-16 13:25:05

All the nip and fab pads left a film on my face which I hated.

fabulousfrancesca Wed 01-Jun-16 13:39:01

I use the original glycolic pads daily and the extreme night ones just when I feel I need a little more. My skin is the best it's been for years.

Ihatechoosingnames Wed 01-Jun-16 13:40:15

I also alternate between the dragons blood pads and the glycolic fix ones. Love them!

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